Apple reportedly to move all new iPhones to OLED next year

“Apple is purportedly looking to drop LCD screens from its iPhone lineup, starting with the 2020 iPhone,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “This year’s iPhone XR successor would be the last flagship LCD model, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.”

“The move to OLED will enable “more flexible handset design”, hinting at an ambitious 2020 iPhone roadmap,” Mayo reports. “We already see this somewhat today with the iPhone XR featuring larger bezels than its OLED counterparts.”

“Down the road, Apple has been exploring how to go beyond the rectangular glass slab,” Mayo reports. “It is likely that the 2020 iPhone design is a radical departure from what we know today. The 2019 iPhone chassis is expected to be more of an iterative change.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Something wicked this way comes!


    1. I guess it takes declining sales and market challenges to pursue “ambitious (2020) iPhone roadmap?”
      I guess it takes a slap on the snout to wake up the bear? If so, that doesn’t sit well.

    2. We all know greedy Cook still loves retina displays on iPhones, 5400 rpm mechanical HDDs on iMac, charging 6-times the going rate for a Homepod, stealing 2-grand for new phones and iPads, and of course PISSING AWAY one-third of a trillion dollars in market value overnight.

      Greed has a price and Cook makes sure it’s Apple’s shareholders that foot the bill.

    1. leading to better battery life? Dream on. This Apple brags about its amazing design leadership and then attempts to sell an ugly battery case if you want a true all-day phone. Apple only wants your $, they have no plan to improve battery life in their fashion gadgets.

    1. It is highly ironic that Apple was part of the BluRay consortium but rather than supporting a ubiquitous consumer tech that Just Works, Apple spent years on its ATV hobby, which has turned out to be a weak overpriced underwhelming pos for us.

      The best quality video available to consumers remains BluRay discs. In most of the planet, attempting to stream 4K video is pointless.

    1. Interesting you bring that up. What possible reason would Apple have to make it so expensive and complicated to connect an iOS device to a legacy TV or monitor you already own? Some people do own CRT televisions, why can’t you cheaply connect your iPad to it???? Adapters for Apple proprietary connections are at least twice the price of industry standard adapters. Price for Lightning to HDMI dongle is $50.

      Apple has a strange way of treating its customers. It obviously doesn’t give a shit about being affordable and accessible to all people. Apple rips people off every way it can.

      This is why old Macs are the only Apple products that I would recommend to a person these days. The price of ownership of all new Apple products is way out of whack. No, Apple product quality or longevity or security is not so much greater than the competition to make it a better value. Sorry but objective facts show that. You’d have to set down the brand kool aid and run an honest product comparison to know that however. MDN doesn’t do that.

      Cook gave up on value leadership years ago. Apple is a fashion house first and foremost. Send Cook letters to tell him to forego his $15 million stock bonus and instead serve people with affordable products. Or make those products in other countries than commy China. Only then could Apple prices be justified.

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