YouTuber admits portions of viral HomePod glitter bomb video were staged

“Like most pure things, the fun, satisfying, viral video of a former NASA engineer pranking package thieves, which made the entire internet feel vindicated, is not what it seems,” Brianna Sacks reports for BuzzFeed News. “”

“Earlier this week, Mark Rober, an inventor-turned-YouTuber who worked on NASA’s Curiosity rover, among other impressive things, published an 11-minute video detailing how he spent six months creating the ultimate revenge contraption after someone stole an Amazon package off his porch,” Sacks reports. “He called it his ‘Magnum Opus,’ and it went mega, mega-viral, garnering more than 38 million views in three days, and elicited a collective ‘HELL YES’ of joy and satisfaction from everyone who has ever had their stuff taken.”

“On Thursday, after the photo evidence began to simmer to the top of social media’s consciousness, Rober tweeted that he had removed about one and a half minutes of the video after he ‘was presented with information that caused me to doubt the veracity of 2 of the 5 reactions in the video,'” Sacks reports. “Rober apologized for misleading viewers, writing that he should have ‘done more to verify’ the content. He did, however, insist that the other reactions, when people swiped the package from his porch, were genuine.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We don’t care. The glitter bomb itself is real, and that’s the reason for the video. In a prankster video maker’s hands, genuine reactions could be easily obtained. We don’t expect a former NASA engineer to execute flawless prank videos, just to build gloriously over-engineered doo dads. Keep making cool stuff and sharing it with the world, Mark!

YouTuber exacts vengeance on package thieves with stinky glitter bomb – December 18, 2018


    1. LOL, like MDN is real journalism. Real journalism is hard to find even in true professional journalistic ventures. Why would you expect it from a click sponsored aggregate site? MDN is about opinions, not news.

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