What Apple’s new U.S. job additions tell us about their future product plans

“Apple’s well known for its centralized approach, not just in terms of hardware and software, but also in geography,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “The company has previously pushed hard to locate as many of its non-retail employees as possible in its hometown of Cupertino.”

“But this week, the company announced that it would be expanding its footprint in several U.S. cities outside the Bay Area, most notably in Austin, Texas, where it already has its largest non-Cupertino presence, but also in a few other key locations.”

“there must be something significant about these specific locations it’s chosen, something that Apple can get in them that it can’t necessarily get in Cupertino,” Moren writes. “Something like, say, attracting talent in certain key fields.”

Apple U.S. employment map

Moren covers wireless in San Diego, Siri in Seattle, content in Culver City, and more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Good luck there in Seattle. You’ve got the most work to do from the users’ perspective. Here’s hoping that in 2019 Siri finally begins fulfilling her promise instead of too often being a letdown.


  1. YES. The easy answer is Apple under Cook has not had an original new idea since the passing of Steve. Every product and service has been out for years. The watch is the only exception, but that was under development when Steve was alive and does not count.

    The truly sad part is when Apple entered markets late they studied the competition meticulously and blew them out of the water on DAY ONE (iPhone, iPad), thanks Steve. Hobbled HomePod under Tim… nuff said…

  2. “The watch is the only exception, but that was under development when Steve was alive and does not count.”

    The first smartwatch by Apple was patented in the late ’90s. Then it progressed into ‘iWatch”, remember it?
    When the iWatch was just about to be commercialized and launched, the Great was gone. So, Tim Cook is once again riding on the coattails of the Great. No fresh innovation. There is and has been nothing new in his pipeline.

  3. “The first smartwatch by Apple was patented in the late ’90s. Then it progressed into ‘iWatch”, remember it?”

    Yes, released around 1995 if I remember correctly and it was coyote ugly and stupid as a stump. Some of the other Apple promotional watches at the time were a lot more elegant looking, but also limited to stupid time. Akin to getting a company logo pen or coffee cup the first day on the job.

    “You can blow away a lot more cash on a vintage Apple dumbwatch on eBay than on a new Apple Watch smartwatch. Long before the Apple Watch, there was an Apple watch. It’s hard to imagine the world of early Apple fashion. Today, we’re used to the brand’s clean lines and modern aesthetic. Once upon a day-glo time, Apple sold all sorts of weird gear ranging from pop-collar polo shirts to oversized Apple-logo sweatshirts designed to look good with leg warmers. In the ’90s, Apple even offered a branded wristwatch”

    — CNET

    Back to our main focus. Cook has been running Apple since late 2011, about seven years, and what new and magical products has he released? Answer: NONE. Think deeply about the REALITY, reactive Fanboys and girls before you flame.

    Hobbled HomePod functionally; pencil years behind superior competition; Siri first voice assistant on a phone and NOW last in performance; Apple TV first out and limited behind the Apple Pay WALL while Jony is still in design denial about the functionality of the horrible remote; announce a wireless charger and nothing after years, scrub all mention and evidence off the Apple website; sealed computers and soldered boards locking out easy upgrading my own computer and suffer days of downtime paying the Apple tax authorized repair center (PCs EXCEL in IT speedy upgradability); Project Titanic; Maps debacle and still behind the competition, why even waste resources if you are not going to be the BEST (absent street view and bird’s eye); Apple “skinny bundle” TV service promised and not delivered; Apple original TV shows and movies promised, but YEARS BEHIND the streaming competition. Although I could go on and on honestly have to stop here, I’m getting depressed again. Did not doubt Apple magic one particle as in “it just works” when Jobs was in FIRM command, no longer.

    In a nutshell, ever since Cook took over my ISTP Meyers Briggs rating perceives and senses the magic has totally left the kingdom…. very, very SAD.

    Apple owner since my Lisa…

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