How Apple is preparing for life after the iPhone

“Rumors of slow iPhone XS and XR sales are hard to substantiate, with the company stepping back from providing information on how many smartphones it is selling,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “But it does seem clear that the amazing growth of previous years is leveling off somewhat, whether because the new phones are more expensive or haven’t wooed customers away from their current phones.”

“The iPhone is, of course, a huge chunk of Apple’s business. In the most recent quarter, it accounted for 59 percent of the company’s revenue. Even if sales do start slowing or, eventually, declining, the company’s still going to be selling plenty of iPhones for years to come,” Moren writes. “But every product has a lifecycle — just ask the iPod — and Apple is all too aware of that. That’s just one reason that the company has worked hard to position itself for the future.”

“Futureproofing goes beyond just expanding Services to sell to people,” Moren writes. “Apple’s always been at its best when innovation has been its driving force and while Tim Cook has taken plenty of digs in comparison to his predecessor, he’s still managed to press forward for one of Apple’s biggest new initiatives: health.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple has a lot of irons in the fire, AR on iPhone and iPad, AR glasses, streaming content, biometrics, autonomous driving, chip design, and very likely much more that we don’t know about.


  1. Health (Services), Automotive (New Car Market), Media (TV network and related monthly fee solutions), are the next 3 drivers for Apple, while it continues to push iPhones as their biggest cash cow to fund everything else.

    iPhone has become the new “digital hub” as Jobs might have said. Once it was the iMac, to tie devices into. Now, it’s the iPhone, tying in AirPods or the AppleWatch biometric data all the more. iPhone is used as a remove for Apple TV or other displays devices, etc… iPhone will continue to be the hub for all-things digital for years to come.

    iPhone may well have been 59% of the companies revenue last quarter, but – without looking it up – I’m guessing iPhone was 80% of the companies net income. That needs balance, and Apple will be getting there over the next 5 years or so.

    1. I would say Wearables (Watch, AirPods, Headphones, Glasses), Automotive, Media (TV, Music, News, Magazines), & Home (HomePod, ATV), Convertible Tablets (iPad Pro) as the next drivers of Apple’s growth.

  2. Pipeline better find something that works QUICK. AAPL has been blasted yet again today, with shares now trading below the critical support level of $170.

    Tremendous selling has been going on the past hour as waves of sellers appear dumping shares at a massive rate. 5 million shares sold in just the past hour or so. Huge air pockets are under the price now as this critical support level has failed.

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    1. Wow you should be a poet … A bad one but nonetheless you seem suited to the creative profession. Not a great fan of Cook though he was the right man for the early post Job years for stabilises sake. But seriously all this is down to him? Your parrot could have made a more objective and nuanced assessment. You spent a lot of repetitive effort demeaning him yet as usual with your type not a word spent on explainng alternative strategies so alas all (bad) style over substance.

  3. …or, they could build a modern, state-of-the-art computer with adequate ram and an affordable internal SSD drive, something never before accomplished by Apple…

  4. Yes Jeeve, don’t just walk, run for the exits. It’s the panicky AAPL sellers like you who are making it possible for me to back up my truck and fill it with AAPL shares at unbelievably cheap prices. So please check back in on Feb 1. 2019, wont you, Jeeve? Love to hear from you then. And meanwhile perhaps talk to a professional about your internalized homophobia. It seems to be clouding your judgment big time.

    1. Sure you are. I believe you. I really do. Honest.

      -$2 a share since my last post. No end in sight for this air pocket.

      Shareholder value is being utterly obliterated by Pipeline.

  5. Hang on the iPod declined because the iPhone incorporated it and did much more. Phones will remain with us as a necessary device until another device can replace it in similar fashion. Seeing what that might be is far different to understanding how one handheld device replaced another of similar size but doing far more.

  6. People working in the healthcare industry, in Australia at least, are quick to critique Apple’s foray into Health but at its core Apple is still one of the most innovative consumer led companies in the world and their expertise is knowing what the consumer needs and successfully commercialising products and services for their customers. In addition, forging health partnerships with others innovators like Amazon will go a long way to setting their company up for their next phase of success as iPhone’s product lifecycle matures

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