Apple’s next gen iPhones could have in-display Touch ID fingerprint readers

“Apple could be reviving the fingerprint reader on its next-generation iPhones that are slated for release next year, if new reports about the Cupertino giant’s plans are to be believed,” Corazon Victorino reports for International Business Times. “Patently Apple reported late last month that it’s likely for Apple to join the trend of using in-display biometric sensors for its iPads next year.”

Patently Apple’s report did not mention the iPhone in any way, but Forbes reported this week that next year’s iPads could serve as a trial before Apple introduces in-display fingerprint readers to its upcoming iPhones,” Victorino reports. “Doing so gives Apple the opportunity to vet the technology and reduce the risks of introducing a new technology to its premium iPhone series. ”

“The ultrasonic in-display fingerprint readers that Chinese firms O-film, Generic Interface Solution (GIS) and TPK Holding are supplying to Samsung for the Galaxy S10 handsets are said to be as accurate as physical readers and more secure,” Victorino reports. “These, plus the fact that fingerprint scanners are more convenient than facial recognition, could lure Apple into adopting in-display readers for its upcoming smartphones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Having both Face ID and Touch ID on iPhone would be useful in different situations. For one example, using Touch ID when paying with an iPhone via Apple Pay is easier than using Face ID.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TJ” for the heads up.]


  1. If it’s iPad-only next year then that means we wouldn’t see it in iPhones until fall 2020. Two years away. Every high end Android phone will have it by then. Apple’s going from first to last.

  2. You look like a total moron using Face ID for Apple Pay. Touch ID is so quick and discrete my wife is always surprised that I’ve already completed the transaction. It’d be even faster if the damn terminals didn’t ask you 10 questions before getting your receipt.

  3. An odd situation came up at a recent dinner of leukemia lymphoma (blood cancer) patients: Some of the former patients so not have fingerprints. Seemed odd, but it was a side effect of their chemo therapy. There were also comments that some patients who have been through radiation treatments (like me) also have their fingerprints eliminated. I still have mine, but the majority of the time I have to enter my code when signing in. Very frustrating.

    It looks to me that FaceID would be a better course to take for Apple, especially with their close relationship with the medical field these days.

  4. No offense Apple, but my first impression was and still is Face ID is an overhyped gimmick for a very simple singular function and does not not justify over pricing iPhones. You sit at work all day, or go to a fine restaurant or community event and have to keep raising your phone to your face all day to respond to simple texts or e-mails is just ridiculous and just does not look good. Agree with Manco you look like a total “moron”.

    Fingerprint Touch ID is much more discreet and much faster with minimal effort. Plus, you won’t develop Apple elbow fatigue. Here’s hoping if they offer both in future phones I have the user option to disable Face ID in settings.

    Then again, if they offer both Timmy will most likely raise the price, no sale and no thanks…

    1. “you look like a total “moron”
      Absolutely true. I’ve been trying to tell someone for a few weeks now that you don’t need to bring it ALL the way up to your face, but she still whips it up like a mirror EVERY time. Meanwhile, I’m holding mine at regular comfortable viewing distance and it’s unlocking even before I can swipe the screen up.

      Folks that don’t get technology will always look like morons, that hasn’t changed!

  5. I agree that the Face ID and the OLED were 2 unnecessary features Apple had to add when they launched the X last year in order to jack up and maintain the ASP and revenue level. But it backfired as the whole smartphone industry was already reaching the plateau anyway.
    However….If Apple had guts and ability to offer the choice of both Face ID and In-display touch ID together (as I cannot see Apple rescinding the face ID), I might pinch my nose and decide to shell out Apple’s asking price, although I still think it’s an outrageous price. Also, it would even be better if Apple would either drop unnecessary OLED on tiny 6″ or so screen, or offer the choice of the OLED or the LCD versions. I definitely do not see the need for the OLED screen on a tiny phone, except perhaps those who play games on the phone (they may think it is imperative but they do not need it either). Then again, I may still not buy it. I simply cannot find any compelling reason to upgrade to the X line of the iPhone with those outrageous contributions to Apple. It’s not just about the money.
    I can’t believe I am talking like this on Apple. Apple was not like this before :-(.

    1. Apple was like this before, Apple has always created products for a targeted demographic (they’ve NEVER made products for “everyone”). The only difference now is that you’re outside the group they’re targeting.

      There’s no shame in NOT buying a product that does NOT meet your needs and does NOT provide the value you expect for the cost. There’s no shame in buying anything that makes you feel like you’re compromising your principles. It’s common sense.

  6. And while you’re at it, bring back the headphone jack.
    I’m sure if people had a choice they would go for a version with a headphone jack.
    No fingerprint ID and no headphone jack are the two major reasons why I’ve been staying in with my iPhone 6. It can do 99.86 % of what an iPhone XY can.

  7. I am pleased, very very pleased to see that most posters here are absolutely ripping Pipeline’s Apple.

    Pipeline only knows how to raise prices.

    Pipeline wouldnt know innovation if it bit him in the ass.

    Pipeline thinks Eddy Cue has innovative ideas

    Pipeline is a bean counter and gooses prices to improve his spreadsheet.

    The market recognizes Pipeline for the utter fraud and coward that he is, and has slapped Apple down a good 25%.

    Pipeline is forced to sit and watch it.

    Pipeline is helpless.

    Like a whipped puppy.

    Remember when Apple was worth 1 trillion dollars?

    Thank Steve Jobs for that.

    Not Pipeline.

  8. I realized with my mom that older people have finger-prints, but they’re kind-of worn-off and unreliable for TouchID. At least my mom’ are, after a life of working a lot in the garden, in the kitchen and cleaning.

    So, while you lot are busy trying to rip Apple a new one, you might actually spend a minute and think of other people.

    1. “kind-of worn-off and unreliable” is certainly a concern for your Mom and others. Has this been a proven problem because I have not read about it. Common sense would dictate whatever you record in fingerprint ID, worn or not should work, no?

      That said, if it is a problem for some there is another solution. My SE phone does not have Face ID (thankful) but what it does have is on the home screen is an option to unlock with a passcode. Offer ALL THREE in future phones — all problems SOLVED…

  9. From the article: “the fact that fingerprint scanners are more convenient than facial recognition”

    Bullshit. That’s opinion, and depends on the circumstance. There are situations where I’d prefer TouchID, but for general use I find FaceID a lot more convenient.
    Apple Pay is a situation where I might like TouchID on my phone, although it’s easier to use my Apple Watch. 🙂

    1. Exactly to each their own. My wife hated the fingerprint scanner for some reason and loves the face ID on her new XR. I really like the fingerprint scanner but haven’t used face ID so cannot judge and compare.

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