Apple promo offers up to $100 in extra trade-in credit toward new iPhone XR or XS

“Apple is offering a limited time promotion that provides up to $100 in additional credit when trading in an iPhone, according to Apple’s dedicated trade-in site,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“When trading in an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, or 8 towards the purchase of an iPhone XR or iPhone XS, customers can get between $25 and $100 extra,” Clover reports. “As with all trade-ins, to get the full trade-in value, your iPhone must turn on, it must be in good shape with working buttons, and it can’t have a broken display. A broken iPhone that does not turn on or has broken buttons earns no trade-in value, though Apple offers to recycle it. An iPhone with a broken display earns a lesser trade-in amount.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Goose those sales!


  1. Whether $100 price reduction is sufficient to spur the restoration of sales, I am very glad of this knowledge as a sure indication that Apple is now keenly aware of what the problem was. There will be no solution without knowing what the problem is. Stay high end of the pricing (not overpricing) is fine, Apple. Keep gauging the right spot!

    1. No, Apple doesn’t get it.

      Apple never had a full family of phones, 3 sizes, priced from entry level to ultra premium, with equivalent features. About the time Apple finally jumped on the phat phone bandwagon, its only small phone was 2+ years old and had many missing features. Now that small phone is gone entirely. The only modest priced iphone is an eBay or refurb purchase.

      So it is not surprising to me that Apple is licking its wounds from pushing $1000+ faceid phones and abandoning small phones altogether. Apple took away product choice and pushed only super expensive models. The xr is not modestly priced nor small. The only decent value phone Apple sells is the 8, which itself is a rehashed 6 chassis too big for many people.

      Last week it was $50 gift cards. This week it is $100 discounts with trade-in. Prices have a long way to go before they are back down to earth. Iphone SE owners would be satisfied with a new unlocked current tech $500 phone. Apple could make it if they wanted to but Ive wouldn’t be able to squeeze it thinner so they don’t do it at all. Well Apple, sorry, but people i know don’t want overpriced faceid and cannot see the advantage of the samscum rounded corner screen. They really want more battery life and a durable phone that fits in their pockets.

      It isn’t that hard to listen to the customer and deliver a consistent range of options. But Apple can’t even get it right. The discounts are just starting. Prices will have to get much better before people replace their small phones with the new phat models, if ever.

      1. Totally agreed.
        I was only commenting on the overpricing issue, following the title of the topic. There are so many ways that Apple could do much better in promoting iPhones. None of the 3 current Xs attracted me and I am still staying with the 8. Besides the price point issue, if Xr was smaller than the Xs, the situation might have been a bit different. Apple used to offer just one size for a long time. Now they are offering 3 different iPhones but they all look the same, and I often scratch my head, wondering what the hell they have been thinking. I guess they had an unreasonable level of expectation on profit potential and the desperation to maintain the revenue level. I am an SE fun and still use it for my 2nd line. If Apple should offer an SE2 with the smaller bezel with the touch ID (yes, even with a big chin and a tad larger overall size), that’s what I want even if priced a bit high. As you say, I never liked the face ID and OLED for small screens like the iPhones’. Give us a smaller but capable and practical phone, and I am prepared to pay a premium for that. Apple has been trapped in the concern that the SE type phones are for a lower price and cannibalize others. Wrong! Apple can be the only phone mfr who offers a superb small phone that does not currently exist in the market. Again, Apple has lost its innovation or forward thinking and became a full follower. This larger phone trend was started by the Android brigade when they had a battery life problem, and Apple has succumbed to the pressure. They have to fill the market requirement but offering 3 monster sized phones of similar specs?

        1. good points people on deeper product line to cover all user needs on size and price

          Last couple of years I complained the MB Air , supposedly the ‘lightest’ Mac, had more ports than the Macbook. That’s product confusion.

          Apple in so many instances has lost product line clarity. Like The new Mini is not totally bad but where the true entry level priced model. … ?

          I’ve said before Tom Cook and Apple senior manah]gets should read MDN and other fan sites instead of scratching their heads. without Jobs visionary perceptions they need all the help they can get.

    1. There isn’t a phone in the lineup that performs better than the 8 and is worth the price. All the overhead of faceID and edge to edge ugly notch screen complexity sucks the life out of the newest phones. No wonder Apple struggles to sell them after the initial fanboy wave of sales wanes.

  2. Tim Cook, riding the coattails of Steve Jobs.

    -Exhaust the remaining ideas left behind by Steve Jobs.
    -Provide effectively little innovation since the passing of Steve Jobs.
    -Ride Steve Jobs’s coattails as long as possible.
    -Jack up prices to desperately show growth when no actual growth in unit sales begins to creep in.
    -When the sales slow, and people begin to look at other cheaper, innovative solutions, offer discounts and make people think they’re getting a good deal.
    -Once the tide passes, and the world changes, and with no real unique ideas of your own, sell off the business and become one of many Fortune 500 companies that have died over the past 100 years.

    1. True.
      Look what happened on Blackberry when they dominated the business market. But when the innovation has exhausted, they sought for the solution in the consumers market, thinking what they should do was copy the successful iPhones. It flopped badly and the rest is history.
      Apple is now practically a one pony trick company, overly dependent on one consumer product in the consumers market, which is notably faddish. A change in consumers’ trend, choice and the taste comes rather suddenly.
      And more importantly, competitions are getting so much better.

  3. The market has been changing recently and Apple is getting hit, just like other companies, Look at GM’s announcement yesterday. Closing plants and dropping the Impala from the Chevy line, as well as the Volt and Cruze is reaction to changes in buyer’s spending habits & preferences. SUVs are smarter cars for many people. You sit up higher which is smart when you like in Oklahoma and all those people loving their picket-ups. SUV’s don’t have to be gas hogs either, I drive an Encore, which is basically

  4. I got a $300 discount off my new Xs Max at launch simply by buying it from Xfinity Mobile in September. Unlimited Talk & Text costs me $1.27 a month while they’re giving me a 2 year interest free loan @$60/mo to buy as I use the loaded 512GB GOLD Xs Max. Now they still give a $200 discount through December.

  5. How can I check on the status of my $100 credit? Purchased iPhone 8 & returned my old phone for the credit, Verified it was received at Fort Worth, but no confirmation other than that, Just want to track the status of the credit.

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