Apple inks deal with movie studio A24 to make feature-length films

“Apple, which has been ramping up its original content ambitions largely via TV series with the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Momoa, Octavia Spencer and Chris Evans, is turning its attention to movies,” Patrick Hipes and Nellie Andreeva report for Deadline. “The company is partnering with A24 on a multiyear agreement that will see the film and TV studio produce a slate of films for the tech giant.”

“It is the biggest move to date in the film space for Apple’s worldwide video operation, run by former Sony TV toppers Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg,” Hipes and Andreeva report. “A24 is a distribution, financing, development and production company whose credits include 2017’s Best Picture Oscar winner Moonlight. Launched in 2012, its films have included the critical successes A Most Violent Year, Ex Machina, the Amy Winehouse documentary Amy, Room, The Lobster, The Disaster Artist and Lady Bird. Its recent releases include Eighth Grade, Hereditary and Jonah Hill’s directorial debut Mid90s.”

Hipes and Andreeva report, “Its unclear whether the studio’s development slate would be targeted for the new deal with Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully we’ll see Apple’s new service early in 2019. We don’t want to wait until next fall!

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  1. FFS why? Silicon Valley was officially too full of itself years ago, this is bordering on retarded. Throw your money around and promise ‘relevance’, and someone on Hollywood will be happy to **** your ****.

  2. Questions:

    Will Apple use the greatest Pro Mac ever made from 2013 for editing?
    Answer: Not sure. Pro PCs are half the cost, up to date with latest specs, much faster and save cost conscious Apple execs big bucks to add to the bottom line.

    Will Apple use the most advanced Apple monitor ever made in movie production?
    Answer: They stopped making pro monitors years ago.

    Will Apple use Final Cut Pro for editing?
    Answer: Coin toss. FCP was neutered years ago under Cook and a lot of Apple pros have moved on to more capable pro programs.

    Making movies is fine for the Apple liberalrati, dance around all night and party, woohoo!

    But what I need is an updated lower priced SE. Also on the list, a new Mac Pro that won’t break the bank and compete on performance and price with EVERY Pro PC out there. Unfortunately, Cook’s Apple has trained me to not hold my breath.

    Coming soon: Apple limited edition Jony Ive designer movie popcorn at $100 a serving in marvelous gorgeous Apple logo packaging each with a certificate of authenticity.

    Little movie make believe Hollywood fun, forgive… 😆

    1. In the last few years, Apple could have done a lot better with its hardware and software releases. It could have telegraphed them, to give producers lead time to prepare a migration strategy to new point releases, for example, or to motivate budget allocations. It could have announced a detailed timetable for the updating of the Mac Mini, the iMac Pro, and all the rest, but it never did so. Instead, we were left twisting in the wind. And when the announcements did arrive, we were expected to snap to attention and place our orders, as if we had been frozen until the supreme supplier gave us the signal.

      Since Apple became Big, it has treated users with indifference. The other Big Guys always did the same, but at some point, some of us (everyone except for Applecynic) were suckered into thinking that the company that urged us to think different was, in fact, different.

  3. Right this is all part of what will be a massive content push over the next few years that will give Apple a massive boost to its services side (if they don’t f–k it up) which after all is the future and equally will give a massive boost to (most of) its hardware business not to mention potential new products to exploit it all.
    So lets keep the (often deserved) whinging for the right threads shall we because not only has anything in this announcement responsible for Mac Pro or SE perceived woes or delays it should give a good reason to produce these products and oh my within 5 years, actually enable Apple (should it wish) to actually not rely on profits from those products alone but from the ever increasing services/entertainment that they exploit leading, if and when they have a leader with a minute amount of imagination (Cook or otherwise) to get more income from selling more rather than make as much as possible from each individual sale which inflates prices.

    Ok you can all whinge on now I have that little bit of vision and lateral thinking off my chest. because hey if there hadn’t been a bit of vision and lateral think back in the late 90s Apple wouldn’t exist today.

    1. So are you saying do not upgrade the entry level SE that sold well in India and other nations? So are you saying do not upgrade the flagship Apple computer after five years?

      I’m sure both will sell well and make Apple money in the billions.

      Solid return profits on movies, whatever the tone of reviews, now that’s a crapshoot …

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