Apple Final Cut Pro X update likely imminent

Yesterday, “Apple released iMovie 10.1.10 for macOS and iMovie 2.2.6 for iOS,” Alex Gollner writes for Alex4D. “This gives us a clue that there will be a Final Cut Pro X update soon.”

“As I discovered in 2013, iMovie for macOS and Final Cut Pro X are the same core application with variations for a starter editor user interface and an experienced editor user interface,” Gollner writes. “This means that iMovie and Final Cut Pro X updates usually happen within days of each other. Bugs fixed in the the core that they share mean that if they are fixed in iMovie, they are fixed in Final Cut Pro X.”

“Final Cut Pro X is often updated on the same day as iMovie,” Gollner writes. “If an update is coming it is likely that Apple are delaying the release until Friday of next week. That is the day the Video Applications team is hosting a presentation at the Town Hall room in the 1 Infinite Loop building in Cupertino. The presentation is part of the 2018 FCPX Creative Summit.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, the big question is will it be major or just a point release?


  1. Just bought FCPX a couple days ago and beginning to learn it, hope there aren’t any huge changes LMAO!!!!

    The iMove update was fairly small, just got rid of the Facebook integration, maybe a few bug fixes. I don’t think there are any major FCP updates imminent…

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