How Apple, Google, Facebook and other tech companies are getting out the U.S. vote on Election Day

“The role tech companies play in U.S. elections has been a topic of intense scrutiny since 2016,” Lauren Feiner reports for CNBC. “These are some of the ways that tech companies are trying to surface quality information to voters on Election Day.”

“Google’s get-out-the-vote effort was hard to miss. The Google doodle on its homepage Tuesday morning morphed the company logo into the words ‘Go Vote,'” Feiner reports. “When you click the doodle, it takes you to a search query “Where do I vote #ElectionDay” and pulls up an info box where you can enter your home address to find your voting location.”

“On Election Day, Facebook is trying to surface relevant information for users through its 2018 Election tab, where it lists the candidates on the ballot in your district,” Feiner reports. “Facebook-owned Instagram is also helping to get out the vote by adding an ‘I Voted’ sticker and a ‘We Voted!’ story at the top of the app.”

“Apple is promoting apps that will help you ‘Vote Smarter’ in the home page of its App Store. Included on the list are The Washington Post; theSkimm, which digests big issues into bite-sized content; and Countable, an app that surfaces political news relevant to a users’ district. It’s also got Lyft to help you get to the polls,” Feiner reports. “Apple News is curating midterms information throughout the day and will deliver live election results through the app Tuesday night. Live video will also be available through the app from NBC and ABC Tuesday night, according to a post on Apple’s App Store.”

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  1. How did Facebook prepare?

    Facebook deleted over 800 pages it accused of “spamming.”

    “…However, the fact remains that many of the deleted pages were right-leaning and libertarian, leading many to assume that these purges were politically motivated. And given the prior accusations made against Facebook in regards to suppressing conservative-leaning links and news stories, these assumptions did not seem off-base even if Zuckerberg claimed that content was not a contributing factor…”

    “…Carey Wedler, editor-in-chief of Anti-Media, an independent news platform that just had its page deleted by Facebook, told FEE:

    According to Facebook, we were not suspended for our content but for “spamming” and using “misleading” practices, but these are tactics we have never employed, and other large pages that employ posting strategies like ours, such as Occupy Democrats (also known to share fake news), were not removed. Curiously, in July, Facebook assigned us a representative to help us manage our page. They also gave us $500 in free advertising to boost our content in September, and these actions seem to imply they had no issues with either our content or our practices…”

    You can take the boy out of Harvard…

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