Anker CEO Steven Yang is all in on USB-C

“In 2011, Steven Yang’s laptop battery gave out. Searching online, he couldn’t find a new battery from a third-party supplier with good enough ratings. Instead, he was faced with paying an arm and a leg to buy a battery from the manufacturer,” Gautam Srikishan reports for The Verge. “With this problem in mind, Yang created Anker and began developing and selling batteries and chargers through Amazon.”

“Just one year later, the company was profitable and highly regarded by customers,” Srikishan reports. “Now, Anker has set its sights on solving bigger problems in the tech and gadget world.”

“On this week’s interview episode of The Vergecast, Nilay sat down with Yang backstage before Anker’s event in New York City,” Srikishan reports. “The two talked about the humble beginnings of Anker, the new products it’s bringing to market, and the many ins and outs of USB-C.”

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  1. I have two Anker USB-C chargers each with 4 USB-A charging ports that are both excellent. I believe the chargers are are 64+ watt chargers and which handle my iPhone and 1st Gen iPad, both with Lightning ports and soon my new iPad with the USB-C port. Although I had a problem charging my iPad with the first one I purchased, I wrote them, explained my problem and on my word alone, I received a replacement no questions asked. Now, a year later, both work flawlessly. I love the fact that each have five USB ports including one USB-C per charger is a steal especially at the price I paid Amazon for them.

    The best thing is that they not only work better than Apple’s chargers, they contain multiple charging ports on each device.

    Thank you, Mr. Yang, for your diligence and love for developing such great products and others that will charge just about any device sold.

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