Hands-on with Apple’s new iPad Pro and 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display

“Apple today introduced a brand new MacBook Air, which it noted is the most popular Mac it sells,” Chance Miller reports for 9to5Mac. “The new MacBook Air features an even thinner and lighter design, but most notably a Retina display.”

“Gone are the silver bezels and dated display technology. You’re now looking at a Retina display that stretches even closer to the edge, with shiny new black bezels,” Miller reports. “Other changes include USB-C, Apple’s third-generation Butterfly keyboard, and new color options that include silver, space gray, and gold.”

MacBook Air hands-on videos:

“The new iPad Pro features an all-new design with a display that stretches even closer to the edges,” Miller reports. “The Home button has been ditched, with Apple implementing iPhone X-like gestures on the new iPad Pro. There’s also Face ID support, a new magnetic Apple Pencil holder, and much more.”

iPad Pro hands-on videos:

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MacDailyNews Take: The new iPad Pro models and the MacBook Air are strong products that should do very well. In fact, both the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the new 13-inch MacBook Air might find their way into our backpacks!


  1. Ipad pro already soldout for next week delivery.
    Delivery dates pushed back 14-21 nov..

    Yeeee haaa.
    Another ace by Apple !

    Pretty much they knocked the ball out of the park on everything today !
    Hats off Tim and Team

  2. The new iPad pros intrigue. I’ll opt for one or the other. It will complement my new iPhone Xs.

    I now no longer have a need for a laptop or a workstation (Yes!). Is there a quality printer that can work with iOS and not require the presence of a Mac OS? Further, the only wire I want to see on the printer should be the power cord. Reviews of the current HP offerings are not encouraging.

    Thoughts, pls.

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