Apple Mac users now number over 100 million strong

“Apple CEO Tim Cook announced during the company’s ‘More in the Making’ event in New York City that Apple has hit a new milestone: 100 million active Mac users,” Emil Protalinski reports for VentureBeat. “He added that 51 percent of Mac buyers are ‘new to Mac’ and noted that in China that figure is 76 percent, highlighting growth in the world’s most populous country.”

“By comparison, there are about 1.5 billion active Windows PCs,” Protalinski reports. “Cook also touted how much Mac users love their Macs, as he does with every Apple product. ‘In survey after survey, the Mac continues to be rated number one in customer satisfaction,’ Cook said onstage.”

MacDailyNews Take: Those suffering with Windows PCs trail the Mac in satisfaction. By a wide margin. And the ones who claim to be “satisfied” are so simply because they don’t know any better.

Protalinski reports, “Last month, at Apple’s Gather Round event, Cook shared that the company was about to pass 2 billion iOS devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We are legion!


    1. 5-10% extra sales compounded over 7 years or so and you’ve got double sales.

      I call them the “Years of the Wilderness” (hey they did zero marketing against Win 8, they could have won marketshare by the bucketloads. Then again maybe not as they had too many poor tech specs Macs… ). Hopefully we’re coming out of the trees and seeing the light.

      Busy, Had to run through the presentation and didn’t see it all and read only a few reviews but I’m liking a few things.

      Definitely one or two things shown by Apple today will be on my buy list.

  1. Hurray for Timbo.
    I am not impressed. Someone should inform him that, according to Wikipedia, Microsoft has > 1.4 billion users for Windows, more than iOS + macOS combined. Despite its erratic tick tock Windows major releases falling on their faces every other release, Windows 10 surpassed >400 million users over a year ago and shows no signs of ceding market share to the Mac personal computer or to Apple’s thin client iPad (personal computer wannabes). I get it that Cook really only cares about chasing after Android, but that makes his fake Mac enthusiasm all the more disingenuous.

    If Apple wanted to, it should be able to woo more and better software developers to the Mac. Apple appears not to even try. Reading articles in publications like PCMag and elsewhere, it’s clear that multiusers (like me) are not religiously tied to any one OS, but we choose the hardware and software that most efficiently/profitably gets the job done. More and more it is clear that pros have had no choice but to use Windows for their work and the Mac has been relegated to secondary status. Is there any must have application that a Mac can run that a cheaper, more powerful, good enough Windoze box cannot accomplish faster?

    Despite inheriting a fast rising star when Jobs was alive, Apple has made only very modest user gains in Mac sales over Cook’s tenure for many reasons. I frankly am sick of the excuses and the pretend enthusiasm at being a distant second place in a 2-man race. Cook is content selling overpriced hardware and not fundamentally improving macOS in any meaningful way until APFS was finally implemented about 5 years late. The exciting news of Mojave is dark mode, a display scheme any Windows user could customize for the last 2 decades. The stale hardware and high prices turn price conscious users off. Cook makes infrequent announcements claiming partnership with companies like IBM or Adobe or whatever, but then users see almost nothing superior in the software world. Those that do still support the Mac are increasingly pushing endless software rental, again a bad value for most people.

    Apple’s longstanding lack of market share remains a key problem, and it manifests itself in a dearth of quality 3rd party software selection. Huge industries like VR, gaming, science, engineering, any flavor of number crunching, CRM, business databases, you name it — sorry Apple, you’re not even on the radar.

    Cook seems oblivious. He and the most zealous tech religious chant security over and over and over. Well, put that in the Mac guarantee then. All software gets patched, it’s not like Apple has ever walked out of a hacking competition without scars. The lead Apple once had in security in not as great as it was just 8 years ago. Worse, Cook doesn’t act like he believes in personal computing. He acts as though the future is mainframe with an Apple iCloud label wrapped around AWS etc. I think both Windoze and Apple are playing with fire trying to force people onto cloud rental contracts. The next serious breach could offer some interesting tech news.

    But beyond the hardware restrictions and prices, the showstopper for many people is software. A lot of folks just can’t get what they need on a Mac. The Mac App Store is an embarrassment — the casual observer can see that the Mac seldom gets exclusive or primary release of any software; much of the 3rd party software for the Mac is a belated port with missing features from the Windows version. Many premier software makers don’t support macOS at all. They are not all moving to iOS either. The biggest and best software coders, sadly, all seem to make Windows and/or Linux software. Think about it. Who writes software for the Mac? Oracle, IBM, SAP, Salesforce, Dassault, Symantec, Siemens, Mathworks, … nope. Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, Autodesk … well, do an honest comparison of the Mac port versus the Windows port. Really.

    If Tim cared about the Mac, he would announce how he will fix the issues. Buy Crossover already and put some real resources behind it. Directly fund new software ventures. Go public with a commitment to regular hardware and software updates to the Mac. Stop the slide into fashionista irrelevance!

    1. “Microsoft has > 1.4 billion users for Windows”
      So what? There are also many more rusty bicycles in the world than Macs. Apple is worth WAY more than Microscum and is WAY more profitable.

      “A lot of folks just can’t get what they need on a Mac.”
      Plenty enough to make Apple the largest publicly traded company ON THE PLANET.

      “Stop the slide into fashionista irrelevance!”
      At least give your complaints SOME link to reality.

      With such a litany of complaints, why are you still using Macs and why are you still here?

      1. Even if you think Apple offers Porsche refinement, most people drive boring reliable Japanese or low cost German or American or even Korean cars costing 50% less.

        Curious to know how do you explain not driving a $100K sports car, obviously it is better. Everyone should pay a premium instead of settling. The analogy holds, no?

        Except one thing. Porsche can be successful selling low volume exclusive vehicles. Not so for Apple. A large chunk of the value of a Mac is the App. You can’t deny Apple is way behind in software catalogue. Mike is right, this is a major problem Cook has to solve, otherwise the Mac will become less and less competitive. The Mac has lost ground in most every business I’ve seen in the last decade.

  2. 100 million STRONG, with a WEAK CEO who neglects less than 10 sku’s that he cannot seem to find the money and talent to keep the those products up-to-date at a FAIR price point. Bragging that you have a HUGE base and then neglecting them is really the epiphany of poor management.

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