New MacBook, iMac and Mac mini all but confirmed for Apple’s October 30th special event

“After weeks of rumors and speculation, it is now all but certain that Apple will use its October 30 event to reveal a new iMac, MacBook and Mac Mini,” Alistair Charlton writes for GearBrain. “This news comes from a filing made by Apple with the Eurasian Economic Commission, a government body similar to the FCC in the US. This is a necessary process which Apple – and other manufacturers – must complete before bringing new products to market, and is a very strong sign that new devices are almost ready to go on sale.”

“Discovered by French Apple blog Consomac, the new model numbers are A1932, A1993, A2115, and A2116,” Charlton writes. “The site claims these refer to new versions of iMac, MacBook and Mac Mini – the latter of which has not received a single update since 2014, leading us to wonder if it was going to be discontinued.”

“This latest revelation falls into line with the predictions of renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is especially confident of Apple releasing a new laptop at its New York event on October 30,” Charlton writes. “What isn’t quite clear for now, is whether this laptop will be an update to the MacBook, or a new version of the MacBook Air.”

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MacDailyNews Take: To us, it makes perfect sense for the MacBook Air brand to be retired.

The only slightly strange issue with that is that a new 13-inch “MacBook” would only differ by 1-inch on the diagonal from the current 12-inch MacBook. Yes, there’s a significant increase in screen real estate there, but Apple usually has a 2-inch separation between notebook models (11-inch MacBook Air vs. 13-inch MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro vs. 15-inch MacBook Pro, for two examples). So, maybe the “Air” name lives on for the sake of differentiation? Or, more likely, there are further points of differentiation between the 12-inch and 13-inch MacBook (2018) models than just display size (ports, processors, internal storage, etc.)

Only five (long) days to go!


    1. Just hope to hell they haven’t made it even less self-serviceable than the 2014 mini. Given Apple’s insane obsession with thinness though, even on desktops where size and weight just don’t matter, I’m not holding my breath.

  1. Lets hope the current idiots in Cupertino return to a comprehensive lineup with clear, constantly updated consumer and professional lines, all with at least some expansion and repairability.

    The holes in Apple’s Mac lineup are many:

    affordable mid size laptop for students and beginners
    17″ professional laptop/portable workstation
    rackable server
    repairable standalone “modular” desktops in mini, standard, and Pro workstation sizes
    >27″ screen displays
    pocketable Macs (“stick PC”) that can be plugged into any HDMI or DisplayPort screen
    touchbar-free pro level laptops with long battery life and pleasurable quiet keyboards

    It should be noted also that Apple’s Macs need to get some color again. Jony’s ugly flat gray aluminum design meme has run its course. It’s time to cut him loose and move on with more innovative materials and finishes.

    1. As you mention Apple leaves money on the table by not expanding their offerings, keeping them up to date and not closing them up to user upgradeability and expansion.

      Stop listening to the voices in your heads and start listening to your customers Apple! You DON’T always know what’s best for us. In fact these days never when it comes to Macs.

      1. In 2009, Mac OS X was vastly ahead of Windows by any measure.

        In 2018, after adding bloat, rearranging deck chairs, and coasting, macOS can’t claim to do hardly any function or run any application faster or cheaper than Windoze 10.

        We all wish it was otherwise, but Cook & Co are to blame for dropping the ball. It started by gutting the Mac team and reassigning them to iOS, and it continues to this day as MacOS continues to receive second class treatment. For all the talk about security and privacy, Apple has given short shrift to the most secure private platform that it controls.

        And don’t even get me started on the overpriced antiquated Mac hardware Apple keeps trying to sell.

        There are many reasons that the Mac continues to flounder with poor market share and a dearth of top class 3rd party apps. All these could be corrected by Apple if they actually cared.

      2. Your 2009 Windows, presumably Windows 7, will be phased out in 2020 with no more free security updates. Your employer would have to start paying MS for patches or migrate to a later version of Windows.

        You can go ahead and try to talk your employer about replacing Windows with Mac but my guess is that you already know a half dozen reasons why Macs don’t make sense for your company. Blame Apple, not MS, for that. If Apple wanted your business it would offer a better product at a better price. Apple chose instead to sell iOS toys in different sizes.

  2. I’m sorry, anyone foolish enough to assume any PC running Win 10 is better, is ignorant of reality. Any version of Win 10 routinely is under assault and constantly patched, every month there is a lengthy list of critical pages on the same apps over and over again. some patches have mangled the users OS beyond usability. Patches that install in minutes on a Mac as rare as they are because of infinitely better security on Mac OS, can take an eternity on Windows.. Patches are becoming huge, because they don’t issue single patch files any more… The list of issues for Windows is endless.. I’ll take my readily functioning secure Mac over Windows any day of the week.

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