Sirius XM, Amazon join forces in Echo device push

SiriusXM today announced a new marketing agreement with that bundles Amazon’s line of Echo smart speakers with SiriusXM’s streaming service, offering easy access to SiriusXM’s programming – Howard Stern, hundreds of channels of news, comedy, talk, live sports, and music – at significant savings to consumers, in the home.

The first phase of the collaboration showcases offers that are available to consumers now for a limited time. The offering is the largest initiative to date by SiriusXM – as part of its “Bring Us Home” campaign – to popularize its programming beyond its established base in cars, where it is installed in more than 110 million vehicles on the road today.

“Music and radio have always been central to the Alexa experience and how customers engage with her every single day,” said Jeff Kunins, Vice President, Alexa Entertainment at Amazon, in a statement. “We’re excited to work with SiriusXM to offer customers even more ways to discover and listen to the content they love – including news, comedy, live sports, music and more from SiriusXM.”

“The products that SiriusXM and Amazon offer, and that consumers love, truly go hand in hand,” said Jim Meyer, Chief Executive Officer, SiriusXM, in a statement. “Amazon is an unquestioned leader in delivering the products people want to their homes, and the extraordinary popularity of their Echo devices, and excitement for its latest Echo Dot, are the latest examples of that. As a leader in audio entertainment, SiriusXM’s unparalleled bundle of programming makes listening through those devices more enjoyable. With an Echo device, the SiriusXM streaming service is easier than ever to use in the home. This marks the beginning of a collaboration between our two companies that will empower us both to serve new and existing customers better as we bundle our products and offer exceptional value for their purchase.”

Eligible customers who currently own or purchase a new Amazon Echo device through will get their first three months free of SiriusXM programming when they subscribe to a new SiriusXM Premier Streaming or SiriusXM All Access subscription.

Additionally, customers who go to to subscribe to a new SiriusXM All Access or SiriusXM Premier Streaming subscription – available at special promotional rates – will also receive Amazon’s all-new Echo Dot for free, with a minimum six-month service requirement. Existing SiriusXM subscribers who upgrade from a SiriusXM Select to a SiriusXM All Access package will also be eligible for an offer to receive Amazon’s all-new Echo Dot, thus unlocking access to SiriusXM’s full streaming platform.

Additional initiatives involving Amazon devices, the Alexa voice service, and SiriusXM programming are expected to be announced this year.

Source: Sirius XM Holdings Inc.

MacDailyNews Take: A smart tie-up for Amazon and SiriusXM that’ll move Alexa-powered Echo devices and SiriusXM subscriptions.


  1. This development may be the start of a new push for an Amazon PDA/smartphone device so you can listen to SiriusXM and consume Amazon content on a mobile device closely integrated with Amazon services. Also may be a way for increased use of Alexa in cars.

  2. My free 2-month trial subscription to Sirius XM expires tomorrow. They have a $5 a month 6-month extension available. And there’s some kind of 1 year day, but the full price for streaming to my desktop and car is $21 a month when all the intro offers are said and done.

    I won’t be signing up, even for the $5/mo. Why? Two reasons.

    Because channels like CNN, FOX etc. still have commercials on them. The music channels have DJ’s who talk about the first time they heard that song, something in high school, or other inane blithering crap I just don’t care to hear. Why would I PAY for this? I thought the idea of subscription radio is that you DON’T have to listen to blather. And who the heck would listen to a single artist’s channel day in and day out?
    $21/mo to listen to the dozen or so stations I actually listen to. I don’t get Howard Stern or his appeal. I don’t give a **** about multiple sports channels (who needs or wants the 24/7 Exclusive PGA TOUR® Talk Channel?). This is my cable company all over again, paying exorbitant sums to subsidize other listeners.

    I’m actually looking forward to going back to independent internet radio station such as Radio Paradise, AltRadio etc. At least the talk there is not as bubbleheaded and it’s free.

    Might try a family Apple music plan for $15/mo. Apparently none of the news channels of Sirius, but no Howard Stern or NFL subsidies to pony up either.

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