Apple may have ‘One More Thing…’ to announce before year’s end

“Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, Inc. and its former CEO, was famous for ending his keynote addresses that unveiled the tech giant’s newest products with ‘one more thing…’ which usually included an additional announcement to surprise the audience and this just could be the case with Apple reportedly rumored to be planning one last special event before the end of the year to unveil a slew of new Mac related products,” MacPrices reports.

“An iDrop News article written by Mike Peterson on October 1 detailed this additional special event which may possibly be held sometime during this month and will finally focus on its line of computer hardware to which major product updates have been next to absent so far this year, with the sole exception the release of two updated MacBook Pro models earlier in June,” MacPrices reports. “Missing from Peterson’s predictions is the iMac Pro and the Mac Pro, the two desktop computers designed for professional Mac users.”

MacPrices reports, “It’s looking like — if the second Apple special event even happens — that product announcements just may come to fruition next week if not the end of the month.

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MacDailyNews Take: Of the items listed: iPad Pro, iMac, 13-inch MacBook/Air, Mac mini, AirPower, AirPods 2, what are you most interested in?

For us, we can’t wait to see the new 13-inch MacBook/Air (whatever they name it) and the new iPad Pro models!


  1. Given iPad Pro is is based on A10X and there was not a mid-year A11X refresh this year, I suspect Apple may skip A11 series and release an A12X based iPad this quarter. That’s just my educated speculation.
    I’d love to see an all-screen iPad mini 5… probably not gonna happen.

  2. Here’s a tip, Apple: update the products that have been insignificantly improved in over 2 years. Dig behind the couch for the few million in lost poker night money if you have to.

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