Apple in talks with BT over 
pay-TV partnership

“Apple is in talks with BT over a ­partnership designed to boost the push of both companies into pay-TV,” Christopher Williams reports for The Daily Telegraph.

“It is understood that the two sides are in early discussions over a deal that would make BT’s mobile brand EE a major distributor of Apple TV set-top boxes,” Williams reports. “The telecoms operator would offer the technology to EE broadband customers pre-loaded with apps to ­deliver BT Sport and channels from other broadcasters.”

Williams reports, “Apple already has a similar deal in Switzerland with the telecoms operator and pay-TV provider Salt.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As with the Verizon deal, this would be another nice win for Apple. The more Apple TV boxes in people’s homes and businesses, the better!

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  1. The Apple TV is great, but the remote is in need of major improvement. It looks pretty… but it is so damn awkward. Try to go back 10 seconds on the touch pad… I dare you.

    1. Wow that’s such a nieve comment it is the sort of deal that is vital to get their content production plans to gain traction and produce income once they are launched probably next year. I was literally thinking only a couple days ago BT is the perfect partner here as their own heavily invested tv and sports broadcast project though with great existing footprint and potential needs new big scale impetus and thus they will be very flexible in working with a company like Apple for the benefit of both.the ports potential for a side range of sports must be a massive draw especially domestic and CL content. I can see Apple using that as a big in to European sport projects in future years as BT is concerned about the costs in competing with Sky. I just assumed someone else would get in there first having seen the potential.

      1. The guys predicting this will never make money said the same about iPod, ITunes, Apple Store, iPhone, iPad, Apple Music, AirPods, and Apple Watch. They will only be happy if Apple jettisons everything but the pro computer lines.

        1. I don’t recall anyone saying anything of the kind. iPod put Apple on the comeback trail and made a ton of money early on along with the iMac — prodigal son Steve’s first hit product in 1997. It was a computer, so sorry. Apple is The iPhone company now and bulk of profits as we all know. No one is saying anything you allege as far as I can tell with the exception of criticizing three billion wasted on crappy headphones and crap rap. Funny, the one thing you carefully left out. And yes, after five years of SERIOUS NEGLECT we Pros want the best computer experience you know nothing about and obviously quick to dismiss. The company was founded on computer sales for many, many years before the gadgets came along. It’s all good except to Cook and company thumbing their nose at Apple roots and core customers. It is just WRONG for anyone to cheer that on.

          Moving on what great news on the lowest unemployment number in 49-years and a supreme appointment. The winning continues …

        2. I didn’t leave out the “crappy headphones and crap rap.” Carefully or otherwise.

          That’s when Apple bought the intellectual property and talent for Apple Music and a number of other recent Apple service and hardware offerings that I did mention. Total income from those has certainly exceeded three billion.

          If you don’t remember hearing anyone saying that each of those products was going to be a financial disaster, you need to visit an audiologist.

          1. “If you don’t remember hearing anyone saying that each of those products was going to be a financial disaster, you need to visit an audiologist.”

            I don’t need to visit anyone. Repeat, no I don’t remember every product you mentioned as a money loser. But I do remember some criticism like Ballmer balking at the iPhone price tag.

            That’s a side issue. Your disdain for Mac Pros is noted…

            1. The subject is the last sentence of your original post in your own words. I didn’t have to change a thing. How self righteous BRAINLESS can you be?!?…

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