How to improve Dark Mode on MacOS Mojave

“For better or worse, I’ve a lot of faith in Apple’s engineers and if they introduce a new feature that I immediately don’t like, I know better than to abandon it and never look at it again,” Mac Kung Fu writes.

“Initially, I didn’t like the new Dark Mode,” Mac Kung Fu writes. “I’m still not 100% committed, but I’ve experimented with it, and here’s a handful of tips that you can try to make it better.”

“In my opinion, Night Shift can make more Dark Mode much more tolerable. So play around with Night Shift,” Mac Kung Fu writes. “Turn it on 24 hours a day and adjust the slider perhaps towards Less Warm to see what effect you can achieve. On newer MacBook Pros you might also enable True Tone if you’ve previously disabled it.”

More tips in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What do you think of macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode? Do you use it?


  1. Can’t wait to have a Mac I can upgrade to Mojave in a new Mac Pro and two older Macs stuck at Sierra for editing software reasons until next year. Dark Mode is my number one fave feature to look forward to.

    Now please bring it to the iPad. I am tired of being snow-blinded by it’s screen at night and especially while entering a password.

  2. I like it. Finder, Messages, Safari etc. well done. I find it easier on the eyes! Just upgraded Banktivity to v7, which now features dark mode. Hope to see other 3rd party apps follow suit.

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