Professional queuers left out in the cold at Moscow iPhone Xs/Max launch

“Hundreds of Russians braved the cold and rain to queue for days outside a Moscow phone store ahead of the release of the new Apple iPhones on Friday, but when the doors opened none stepped in to buy,” Reuters reports. “Instead, they tried in vain to sell their queue places to genuine Apple enthusiasts outside the first Russian store to sell the new iPhones XS and XS Max in central Moscow.”

“Banking on strong enthusiasm for the phones, which have drawn days-long queues outside stores in Singapore, Sydney and elsewhere, the queue sellers set the price of the first place at 450,000 roubles ($7,000),” Reuters reports. “Reductions were offered for places further down the line, but in the end all went unsold as shoppers were happy to wait for the chance to buy the 87,000 rouble ($1,300) iPhone XS or 96,000 rouble ($1,500) XS Max.”

Reuters reports, “Eventually, ticket holder number 247 came to the door and Russian photographer Anatoly Doroshchenko, who had arrived that morning and didn’t pay for the right to queue-jump, became the first purchaser in Russia of one of the new phones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Wah-wah.


  1. Now if we could figure out how to eliminate all ticket scalping in the entertainment performance biz and why you often can’t buy tickets at face value nor get the best seats. Not to mention the ridiculous “service fees” tacked on top. Quite the scam that needs to end.

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