Using Desktop Stacks in macOS Mojave

“A new feature in macOS Mojave is the ability to temporarily group files on your Desktop into Stacks,” Gary Rosenzweig writes for MacMost.

“These Stacks can contain files of a similar kind, or groups organized by date or tags,” Rosenzweig writes. “You can expand and collapse any Stack to see what is inside, and use the file icons inside the Stack like regular icons.”

“Desktop Stacks can help if your Desktop gets messy and you need to find files right now,” Rosenzweig writes, “but don’t have time to organize your Desktop files at the moment.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How do you like Mojave’s Desktop Stacks? Are they helping you be more organized?


  1. I like Stacks. I wish it would work for folders and folder aliases. That might be more challenging because literally any kind of file could be in a folder and there’s no way to sort that, unless we could somehow “tag” a folder.

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t get it? For me Stacks is FUBAR and cannot believe no one has yet to mention the following. For decades we were taught and hounded against keeping anything other than the Hard Drive on our desktop because it was too easy to accidentally trash important files. Also Having many icons on the desktop would slow down your mac and require valuable system resources to keep them there. Then in recent Mac OS Apple even hid the desktop by default, you had to manually change Finder Preferences in order to show the desktop! So now it’s okay to dump all your files on the desktop and use Stacks as some kind of eye candy card trick to group them all in piles? The only thing I was ever “allowed” by I.T. folks to keep on my desktop at work were aliases. I followed the same “best practices” on my home Mac as well. So now we can just put our files anywhere and Stacks will make them easy to find? Stacks and Night Shift.. two of the stupidest features in the MacOS.. where is night shift in 10.14? yea go figure!

    1. It’s inevitable. I’m OCD x10, but when I’m working in progress, I use the Desktop. Stacks is really good. Not awesome, but better than without. I’m still playing with different options to see what works best for me, but ever since Spotlight, who cares where we put files? I get overwhelmed with work trying to keep the perfect organization every day.

  3. @Robert

    This has become an issue since drag and drop is everywhere. Most people just drag stuff out to the Desktop, since it is there. “I’ll put it in a folder later” syndrome.

    You may not do it. I don’t do it.

    But many do, I always joke with my colleagues that “if you want to know why we invented folders, just take a look at your Desktop…”.

    1. This is true, but then your Desktop fills with folders 😉
      At least mine does. I still try to keep things as organzied as I can. But time on the Mac is time I’m not doing something else, so I’ve let go of having the perfect Desktop.

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