Some iPhone Xs and Xs Max owners complain of Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity issues

“According to multiple threads on the MacRumors forums, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max users are experiencing connectivity problems with Wi-Fi and LTE on the two new iPhones when compared to other, older Apple devices,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “Multiple users have said that there are noticeable differences in cellular reception between the iPhone XS models and the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.”

“Users are noticing fewer bars and poorer signal on iPhone XS and XS Max compared to devices like the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, especially in areas where signal is weak. Many of the complaints come from Verizon users, suggesting the issue could potentially be carrier specific,” Clover reports. “Multiple AT&T users, for example, have said the signal is the same or better, while Verizon users are seeing signal issues… Some AT&T and T-Mobile users are, however, complaining of connectivity problems too, while others have noticed better signal, leading to a confusing mix of user reports… It’s not clear if modem differences are causing the perceived connectivity issues that iPhone XS and XS Max owners are noticing or if there is a genuine bug with the new devices, but in the days following a new iPhone release, there are often carrier updates that can solve connectivity problems.”

“In addition to the LTE problems, there appears to be a separate issue with Wi-Fi,” Clover reports. “It appears that the iPhone XS and XS Max are preferring 2.4GHz networks over 5GHz networks when connecting to routers that use the same SSID for both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands… This is clearly a bug that needs to be addressed by Apple through an update.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Patience, Padawans. With history as our guide, Apple will correct these issues with a software update ASAP.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “TheloniousMac” for the heads up.]


  1. Hmm. I have a Verizon iPhone X and was thinking about an Xs Max but maybe not. Let’s see how Apple fixes this. You would like to hope all this had already been worked out.

  2. Over the last 7 years i have been embarrased many times by not getting a wi-fi or data connection when friends with android phones can. Even some with budget models. Happened too many times with multiple phones for it to be a fluke. Am i the only one?

  3. Or for years now, the voice quality on the phones is random and often poor. Too many dropped calls and people say I can’t hear you. I have tried different iPhones and moved around from T-Mobile to AT&T, Straight talk and now CricketWireless.
    All have the same issue. I have not upgraded to the XS yet, because of the new issues you are reporting.

    1. Over the years I have found exactly the opposite to be true with iPhones. I am constantly astonished by the quality of the sound when people call me. I can instantly tell from the volume, clarity, and lack of background noise that I am speaking to another iPjone user. As far as dropped calls, for years now they have been a thing of the past to me.

      Since getting the Max, (can we just call it ‘the Max’), twice people have said that I sound like I am in a tunnel. That is two more times than I’ve experienced in years so I believe something is up, possibly with ATT’s new system.

      On my X I experienced no voice quality issues, no issues of any kind. I did experience the WiFi issues with the Max. I had to pull it off my Apple Airport. I retired the Airport, installed a new Synology RT2600a, (my favorite airport replacement), broke the 2400 and 5GHz channels into two separate SSID’s, and no more WiFi issues. I can hit 800 to 909 Mb/s via WiFi on the Max connected to my 1gig Internet connection.

      Other than the 2 comments about me sounding as if I was I a tunnel, this has been the best iPhone experience I have ever had. The larger screen pushes this puppy into the useable for work category. I can type for extended periods of time. Reading is an absolute pleasure. I don’t feel as though I need to take my iPad with me. The sound quality from speakers is outstanding. LTE download speed ranges from about 20Mb/s to just over 100Mb/s depending on the time of day. The later it is, the higher my LTE speed. I’m in downtown Los Angeles, so during work hours there must be thousands of devices active. The 512GBs allows me to keep a small server’s worth of data docs, music, and movies on the phone. And the gold is actually quite attractive.

      Size matters. I’ve fallen in love with the iPhone again.

  4. No issues in at all with my XS Max.

    I find it hard to believe that someone has perpetual issues with an iPhone over 7 years, I’ve had iPhones since 2007, all have worked just fine with no issues with wifi or cellular, across, AT&T and Verizon..

  5. My iPhone 6S frequently connects to the 2.4GHz network rather than the 5GHz network. This occurs variably and even after a reboot of the modem and Apple AirPort Extreme router and all devices. It can even happen when the iPhone 6S is within 2-3 feet of the router. All of my Apple devices, including iMacs, MBPs, iPads and iPhones have always done this, but in an unidentifiable variable pattern.

    WiFi issues? It seems like the one thing Apple has been very consistent about! How can the world’s best computer maker continue to screw up WiFi? How?!?!

  6. I have iPhone 6s plus also 6s also xs max all would connect to 2.4Ghz over 5G Wi-Fi
    I had to turn of my 2.4ghz from the router so there was no longer that option for the iPhones to connect this way.

    You would think Apple would set the preferred connection to 5GHz on such speed hungry devices.

  7. I have some problems with phone calls cutting out. I went into Settings; Mobile Data; Mobile Data Network. Went to bottom and Reset Settings – and so far no further problems.

    Maybe the settings should be different from older phone, and if Xs set up from backup it is using wrong settings (just a guess)

  8. My initial impression with the XS is that wifi capability is weaker than my 6S, and the bluetooth is total shit compared to my 6S. I get warble on my BT listening devices from from just one foot. My 6s would allow me to be in the next room from my phone and still work. The XS has crap sound when my phone is simply in my pants pocket. Thinking of returning it.

  9. Unfortunately for the first time with any iPhone (X being the prior) I have a continual problem with my new XS Max falling off WiFi in the house .. I never had that issue in those same locations before .. My fiance also has the new XS Max and has the same experience.

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