Jony Ive is ‘zealous’ over Apple’s most personal device, Apple Watch Series 4

“Jony Ive, Apple’s design chief, on Wednesday unveiled a new iPhone, the biggest deal at the biggest gadget launch of the year,” Christina Passariello reports for The Washington Post. “But a different product is closest to his heart: the Apple Watch.”

“Ive, Apple’s chief designer, gave Apple’s original wearable device a complete makeover in form and function. The Apple Watch Series 4, which Apple also introduced Wednesday as part of its annual product event, is slimmer and has new health tracking features such as the ability to take an electrocardiogram and detect hard falls — and is increasingly independent from the iPhone. That gives it a more profound purpose, in Ive’s vision, and sets it apart from other technology,” Passariello reports. “‘Every bone in my body tells me this is very significant,’ Ive said in an interview in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s headquarters following the event. Ive, like the former Apple CEO who was his close friend, speaks of Apple innovations with fervor. The new watch ‘will be a more marked tipping point in understanding and adoption of the product.'”

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) in Stainless Steel Case with White Sport Band (40mm $699, 44mm $749)
Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular) in Stainless Steel Case with White Sport Band (40mm $699, 44mm $749)

“Apple doesn’t break out sales numbers, but said its device is the best-selling watch in the world,” Passariello reports. “The increasing popularity of the watch, which Ive has set up as the cornerstone of wearable technology, is critical to Apple as the iPhone sales growth wanes. ‘Apple’s inception was about making tech useful and relevant, in a very personal way. And the watch is unambiguously the most personal product we make,’ said Ive… ‘I’m so zealous about the watch because I see it as making a material difference to people’s quality of life and actually their ability to be alive.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Shaddup and take our money!!!

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  1. Watch is a wonderful product but I’ll like to point out quarter after quarter Macs make more money than Watch, AirPods, Beats, iPod, Apple TV, accessories etc COMBINED by billions of dollars.

    some love for the Mac Pro, Mini (one time bestseller before they neutered it), Macbook Air etc

    if Apple focused a bit more on Macs and REALLY UNDERSTAND the NEEDS of USERS in terms of battery, ports, GPU, upgradeability ,etc vs what they don’t really want like EVEN THINNER, sealed etc they would make billions more. Like they made the Mini thinner and removed the ability to upgrade the RAM and took out the quad core. Why a DESKTOP needs to be a thinner by an inch or so and lose so much is baffling question….

    if Apple leaders loved the Mac like the Watch and with Macs market share sales now sub 10% the sky’s the limit for growth.

  2. The Apple Watch 4 is nice.

    Now, how about spending at least a few hours of design time on the 5 year old Mac Mini. I believe Apple promised a refresh of this about a year ago.

    And the new Mac Pro, promised about a year ago – where is it? Could we outsource this to Michael Dell? I bet he could get a new powerful Mac out in less time.

    And the Apple TV remote control, does anywhere care that it is maybe the worst remote ever devised by a major corporation? It is certainly not adequate for a company that is supposed to pride itself on design.

    And are all the Airports and Airport Extreme’s dead? I guess so. No direction from Apple.

    I like the Watch. But if Apple thinks it can produce a car it ought to at least be able to keep its core products on current tech specs and with regular enhancements. But it can’t.

  3. I have no doubt that every person posting at MDN is frustrated with Apple in regards to slow development and release of Mac hardware. God knows I am as I write this on 2011 iMac that was only supposed hold me a short time. That said, I don’t think we need a repeat of same complaints and frustrations posted under every article that is written about a different Apple product. It’s tiresome at this point.

  4. You thought the iPhone was making Apple inc. a ton of money, wait for the Apple Watch Series 4 do the following:

    1. See a global rush of health insurance companies determine how they can compete with each other by deploying the Apple Watch 4 for free.
    2. See how Apple Watch series 4 will become a major driver of Apple device sales, App Store sales and services, as more and more people across the world realise that the Apple ecosystem is literally not only “life experience enhancing”, which is self evident, but also “life saving”.

    This is a major inflection point for Apple inc. if you do not own APPL, you should do!!

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