What to expect from Apple’s big ‘Gather Round’ special event next week; plus what Apple should name their next iPhones

“It’s been a slow year for Apple hardware,” Brian Heater writes for TechCrunch. “All that’s about to change at the big show being held next week at Steve Jobs Theater on the company’s new space-age Cupertino campus. Rumors are coming fast and furious, and by all accounts, there’s A LOT to expect, from a slew of new phones, to an updated Apple [Watch] to some additional news on the iPad front.”

• iPhone Xs: The flagship model will arrive in two sizes — 5.8 and 6.5 inches, referred to as the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus (or, possibly, max), respectively. One of the smaller (but compelling) rumors of the bunch is the inclusion of a Lightning to USB-C cable in-box.

• Cheaper iPhone X: As for the name? iPhone XC has been somewhat credibly floated.

• Apple Watch Series 4: The first major hardware redesign in the three years the watch has been kicking around. Along with a 15 percent larger display, battery and heart-rate monitoring are said to be improved, as well.

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MacDailyNews Take: Good Jobs, save for the first one (and even that was horrifically misnamed) Apple’s iPhone naming scheme (charitably; there is none) has always been and looks to remain awful.

iPhone Xs? Ugh. The great unwashed think X is a letter not a number and so now it’ll be “iPhone Excess.” Sure, you can play with marketing slogans, but it’s needlessly complicated. iPhone Xs Max? Seriously? iPhone XC? For cross country runners, we guess. Gag.

Apple, just name them as so:

• 5.8-inch iPhone (2018)
• 6.1-inch iPhone (2018)
• 6.5-inch iPhone (2018)

There. That wasn’t difficult at all. Don’t overthink it. K-I-S-S. No Pluses. No Maxes. No Pros or minis or stupid self-defeating “S,” “E,” or “C” letters.

The general public knows nothing of LCD vs. OLED. The 6.1-inch LCD model doesn’t need a different name.

That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. — Steve Jobs

The only thing really wrong with Apple’s iPhone is its name – January 9, 2007

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