Activist says Apple, other big companies should disclose labor policies

“An activist firm is asking more than 30 big-name companies from Tesla Inc. to Apple Inc. to disclose more information on employment practices that it warns may be anti-competitive,” Leslie Patton reports for Bloomberg.

“CtW Investment Group, which works with a coalition of union pension funds with more than $250 billion in assets, is sending letters to more than 30 companies seeking disclosure on their policies that it says can set workers up for reduced mobility, lower pay or even the inability to escape workplace harassment,” Patton reports. “The letters target non-compete agreements, no-poaching rules, mandatory arbitration or non-disclosure agreements, and ask directors to ultimately provide reports to shareholders on the practices.”

“CtW argues that requiring workers to solve conflicts through arbitration, instead of in a judicial court, could mean practices such as wage theft and discrimination aren’t detected or stopped,” Patton reports. “Such agreements have all come under harsher scrutiny in recent years amid the rise of the #MeToo movement and the sluggishness of wage growth. Last week, the Economic Policy Institute, whose board is chaired by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, released a proposed workplace reform agenda for Congress that includes banning forced arbitration, as well as almost all non-competes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll be interested to see how Apple responds to CtW’s inquiry.

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  1. I have a grass roots campaign going that has the following platform: “Activists must kiss my ass!”

    If you vote Democrat you are for making the rest of the world the U.S.A.’s sweat shop. That was what the original NAFTA and GATT were about. Democrats don’t want the scenery of from their back porch ruined by a car factory or power plant.
    The day they learn how to economically do intercontinental transport of electricity; Adios U.S. power plants.

    1. The rest of the world? As in the WHOLE world?


      What world do you actually live in? Your President is cutting you off from the rest of the world at your gonads!

      Fuck me mate. Read a fucking book.

    2. Ramius, if you think that voting straight party-line is smart, then you are sadly misguided. Even you must realize that all Republicans are not the same. McCain was vastly different from Devin Nunes, for instance. By the same token, not all Democrats are the same. Attaching a simple label and letting that drive your behavior is a very poor way to vote. It is a sign of a weak or ossified mind.

      There is a wide spectrum of people in this country from the far right to the far left. Within each of those political segments, people vary in terms of their political, social, economic, and religious preferences. No single label is sufficient to define a person.

      1. True, but you speak into a vacuum of comprehension. Tribal boundaries, with their belief systems and shared fidelities, are stronger than reason, and always have been down through history. They shine right through the facade of American tolerance and expose it for the myth it always has been, divinely inspired though it might have seemed 250 years ago. It just has never worked properly. America is a land of upstart, ill-behaved schoolboys just itching for a chance to push people’s faces into the mud for fun and profit.

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