Apple’s next-gen iPhones may get even faster 15W wireless charging

“After the iPhone 8 and X launched with a 5W maximum for wireless charging, Apple upped that to 7.5W shortly after with the release of iOS 11.2,” Michael Potuck reports for 9to5Mac. “However, a new report today claims that a change in the wireless charging coil in a least one of the 2018 iPhones will allow Apple to move toward 15W.”

“A report from China Times today says that Apple will bring a new wireless charging coil to its 2018 lineup to move beyond the current 7.5W limit,” Potuck reports. “”

“The iPhone 8/8 Plus and X use a flexible printed circuit (FPC) for the wireless charger coil. One of the main benefits is that FPC coils are thin and light, but the downsides include less than ideal efficiency and being susceptible to overheating,” Potuck reports. “To offer faster 10W or 15W wireless charging, Apple is said to be using a copper wire coil for at least one of its new iPhones.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Maybe then (alogn with AirPower’s debut) we’ll actually use “wireless” charging (yup, were still plugging in Lightning cables into our iPhone X units for charging speed)!


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