A $2,000 iPhone? It’s coming

“Apple is a company that’s well known for pushing the price envelope,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes for ZDNet. “It commands a price point and profit margin for the iPhone, iPad, iMac, and MacBooks that other companies could only dream of for their products.”

“But Samsung has beaten Apple at its own game by unleashing on the world a $1,250 Galaxy Note 9 and kicked off a price war which,” Kingsley-Hughes writes, “rather than resulting in lower prices, I see leading to a $2,000 iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Note: As usual, Samsung hasn’t beaten Apple at anything. Our 256GB Apple iPhone X units each cost $1,149 last year. Samsung is, as always, merely following Apple’s lead.

“But would anyone spend that sort of money on an iPhone? I think enough people would if the specs were right,” Kingsley-Hughes writes. “While I can’t see myself spending $2,000 on an iPhone, as people consolidate their tech down from desktop and laptops to smaller, more personal devices, I can see a growing market for a single device with the power to do everything, and a lifespan of a few years being appealing to enough people to make its R&D worthwhile.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple usually offers tremendous value and the iPhone X is no exception. The build quality, features, and capabilities are easily worth $1149. If there’s ever a $2000 iPhone, we’re sure it’ll be worth every penny!

Anyone who blows $1,250 for an insecure, Android phone from a South Korean dishwasher maker should be paying for a neuro consult instead.


  1. While we look forward to the $150 Apple wireless charging pad (which you guys noted was less than $200 … lucky us), I’m really enjoying my $50 Belkin wireless charger.

    Competition is good. We all know Apple is high-end and I love my many, many Apple products. There are many price points in the market, and each is served. We want competitors to succeed and for Apple and competitors to push each other.

  2. The price is already beyond ridiculous. Why not? It would be the last straw for me personally. I believe the effect on me would be to break free of the Apple ecosphere once and for all. No more phones, no more watches, no more tablets. I might continue to use the Mac and use my Skype and Google numbers as opposed to a mobile phone.

  3. I’m waiting when my iPhone can be wireless connected to a 15” or even 27” screen, a full sized keyboard, and act as my personal (app based) computer.

    That would be worth $2000 with the right specs

  4. maybe pipeline tim and the other highly paid apple execs should step outside the rarified atmosphere in which they live and realize that there are way more people of much lesser means than themselves, and way fewer of their types, at large in the world.

    and most of us lessers have way better ways to spend $2K than on a damn phone – like maybe paying mortgages, keeping cars running, clothing and feeding our families and the like.

    and while i doubt that those good old boy apple execs ever deign to eat hamburger, those of us who do are paying over $5.00 per pound. those are the kinds of places our money goes – of necessity

    them boys better buy a clue – no matter how good apple products are, there are limits on how far they can push their premium products for premium customers mantra – like to the point of finishing returns.

  5. $2000 is a fairly high price for an iPhone, in my opinion. I don’t think they could pack enough standard features in it to be worth that much. I might consider paying that much if it had 48 hours straight battery life, could be charged in an hour and I could get about three years use out of it. I think outstanding battery tech is the only thing I think would be worth such a high cost. If Apple could pack a fuel-cell in an iPhone it would be a technical marvel.

    Oh, yeah. I’ve been hearing on the reviews how the Note 9 is worth $1000 and the iPhone X isn’t. It seems as though reviewers out there are really liking those new S-Pen features and then there’s that expandable microSD memory slot. It’s unfortunate Apple doesn’t deem any of that stuff useful to consumers.

  6. iPhone cost so much!!!!

    This year I’ll sell my iPhone X for $1000. That means I’ll only have spent $300 for a year pf use. That’s $1.20 per day.

    Not something you can do with Samdungy “knock-off wannabe” iPhones.

        1. Your math hardly changes the price per day for use of the iPhone X. Assume he gets $600 for it instead of $1,000. That makes the cost per day $1.92 instead of $1.20. The basic idea is correct. It is very easy to sell a used iPhone and get a pretty good price for it and that brings down the real cost of ownership.

          1. Of course, I was just being more realistic about resale. Android phone depreciation is much worse than when you drive a new car off the lot.

            New Android isn’t attractive and day old Android is downright ugly.

    1. Yes my fellow commonwealth member, but thats $1335 US$ At your current dismal exchange rate of 73 cents. At our current exchange rate (CAN) of the only slightly better 76 cents, it works out to $1162 – just $13 more than the the US price. Why the $173 premium in Australia, I dont know, seems unfair unless theyre being shipped by express dolphin directly from Cupertino. Europeans pay quite a premium as well, Im sure this helps inflate the ASP, but simultaneously places the iphone just out of reach for many, many people. Were Apple to actually produce a $2000 iPhone, expect the Oz price to be around $3000AU!!!

      They wont. Kingsley-Hughes has slipped off his rocker today.

  7. Apple will announce the $2,000 phone in 2021 (unless they push it back to 2022). You will be able to order it in early 2024. It will ship in fall of 2026 (or early 2027). By then, $2000 will be reasonable for a high end phone.

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