Apple offers improved Windows Migration Utility for switchers in macOS Mojave

“Apple is expanding its Windows Migration Assistant in macOS 10.14 Mojave with a handful of new features that will make switching from Windows to macOS a much more seamless experience,” Peter Cao writes for 9to5Mac. “As spotted by a user on Twitter, for macOS 10.14 beta 6, the Setup Assistant and Migration Assistant will be able to migrate more data than ever before such as accounts, documents, email, contacts, and calendar.”

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“It should be noted that, as part of a macOS beta version, this is still a work-in-progress piece of software and probably shouldn’t be used to do sensitive data and file transfer between new and old computers,” Nick Statt writes for The Verge. “That said, Mojave should be out this fall with the typical launch of new Macs and iPhones, so it’s best to wait until the final version of the OS is available.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple working to woo switchers from Windows to the Mac in 2018?

Well, whaddaya know, miracles do happen!


  1. Who is going to switch when the hardware is outdated and a lot more expensive these days. Had to spec out computers for multimedia students and Apple was 3k and Lenovo and Dell where roughly 2k for roughly the same exact hardware. Ended up getting todays hardware for about the same price.

    1. Unfortunately, the “secret sauce” advantage in product differentiation that Apple had with OS X has been diluted & lost, particularly as they abandoned their software ecosystem (shades of iLife).

      As such, without clear OS & software ecosystem advantages, there is no particularly good reason today why a Windows customer would want to pay more to get less.

      Sad but true. I’ve long since stopped accumulating Apple stock and am now watching for the inevitable “Sony” dive…

  2. At this point, I am considering switching to Windows. Apple hasn’t updated much beyond their mobile devices in years. They are ignoring anyone who doesn’t want/need a laptop. So much of their OS offerings are muddled to say the least. iTunes is a mess, I could go on for paragraphs, but in the end, if they can’t come up with more updated hardware and an OS that is more reliable, I may try out Android and Windows.

    1. … you do that. As one who has to use Windows on Dell garbage at work I know what it’s like. I’d rather use OS X on a 10 year old Mac than fight with that utter crap. So you just go right ahead and have at it buddy.

      1. I use Windows on Mac hardware and it still sucks. I know what Mike is talking about with the outdated Mac hardware, but going to Windows is still too much to ask.

      2. The point here is not about going from Mac to Windows. No sane person would do that unless they feel that have to do so. It’s about going from Windows to Mac.

        People going from Windows to Mac are only marginally going to make that change based upon a better OS. Typical Windows users barely know anything about how a lot of the things within the macOS simply work better.

        They are absolutely going to check out hardware specs. Since all of Apple’s Mac offerings are either barely up to date or as much as five years out of date (with the average over a year out of date) *EXTREMELY* few Windows users are going to convert to Mac.

        This is shown by this last quarters’ sales numbers. The general PC industry had a year-over-year increase in unit sales (for the first time in many quarters) while the Mac had a decrease in year-over-year in unit sales by 13%!!! Simply put, a few more people are buying PCs than last year while many fewer people are buying Macs than last year.

        Sounds a bit like 1993/1994 all over again. Now can we call Cook Scully 2.0?

      3. @ Yeah: so much vitriol, so little to share. I think Mike as usual made valid points. Most professional Mac owners, by the way, have emulation software or use boot camp because Apple after all these years still hasn’t the quality of software necessary to do what Windows does. 3rd party apps and accessories for the Mac are either more limited, less capable, and/or more expensive for ZERO extra quality today.

        the only non-windows Mac apps that this former Mac-only computer owner uses outside work suddenly shrinks to lightweight iLife apps, most of which now suck. Mail is and always has been limited. iTunes is a bloated mess. Photos is a shitty watered down replacement for iPhoto/Aperture. There is no more iMovie or iDVD. Safari remains inferior to Firefox and others in many significant ways. So you like the flat gray Ive macOS interface? Is that the huge Mac advantage you have left? Okay. Like Mike, i too am opening my mind to other options. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

        Enjoy your 2008 Mac.

        1. I think Photos is a nice improvement over iPhoto. I really like the improved editing functions and the extensions.

          Pages on the other hand, is still is not up to its 2008 version.

          Unfortunately Cashxx is correct in regard to prices. Apple has gone from a bit higher but worth it due to their unique features.

          Apple ten years ago had far superior design, materials, fit and finish. Not to mention advantages that came with iWork & iLife and iWeb.

          Dell has nearly caught up with Apple in areas of Design, Fit and Finish with their XPS 13 and 15 models. Prices for these machines are roughly $1,000 less for comparable equipment.

          Nowadays, Apple is beginning to resemble Microsoft – focused almost exclusively on BIG BUSINESS. Whatever happened to the neat, free electronic greeting cards that Apple made available to Apple users? They were a real differentiator and unique sales point. Mac computers were actually fun! So was the email stationary until it sat unloved for ten years.

          Apple has this idea promoted by certain journalists that the Mac is a finished work. Minor maintenance is only needed. The competition is not resting, neither should Apple.

          1. Regarding Photos vs iPhoto, its a YMMV that depends on what’s important to you.

            True, there’s some editing features added … but the DAM (Digital Asset Management) tools were fatally crippled.

            DAM might not mean much to casual users with only 1K images, but it becomes progressively more important over time as libraries grow in size. Similarly, if one already was using a good editor (Photoshop, GIMP, PS Elements, others), than Photos being better was duplicative of existing capabilities.

            This is YA example of where Apple had a clear market differentiating lead and allowed it to slip away through hubris & product negligence — just like GM became complacent that their consumers would continue to buy their mediocrity and never saw the Japanese car companies coming…

            Case in point, Dell. The laptop that my employer bought to replace my older Lenovo hardware is functionally as good as my 13″ MBP. Its battery life is shorter, but then again, its not gimped with a butterfly keyboard either.

            …finally, on Greeting Cards – – we’d been using that service for the past decade for our annual Christmas card, so that now has to be on this fall’s “To Do” list for us to go out to find a suitable replacement company for that print job. As a stockholder, I recognize this as yet another revenue stream simply being abandoned with zero customer support plan … more Apple hubris.

        2. Agreed. I doubt most the people that bitch and moan about Windows haven’t tried the latest. If they had, they might be surprised. The hate is thick though. Just remember who saved Apple once.

      4. As if you’re the only person in the world who has a Dell at work. /S

        For many of us, we’ve had a Windows PC at work for the past 5 .. 10 .. 20 years … and a Mac at home. We’re comfortable in both environments – – Windows because “we have to” and OS X because we choose to.

        And it is that hands-on experience with non-Apple hardware that’s not chronically ancient is what makes us intolerant of Apple’s state of the Mac. It is downright deplorable and incomprehensible that a $1T corporation can’t spare 0.03% of Net Income ($15M/year) for an extra 50 engineers dedicated to work on the Macs.

        Case in point, I’ve had $5K burning a hole in my pocket for a replacement Mac Pro. If the “modular” turns out to be a steaming pile like the Trash Can was, then I am most certainly kicking Apple to the curb for my desktop solution.

      5. I use both Mac and Windows professionally on a daily basis. There are certainly tradeoffs to move to Windows, that being said, the hardware that Apple is releasing these days isn’t all that great for the increased price/Apple Tax. The OS offerings are still buggy as hell, and honestly I am tired of Apple taking the attitude that they know what is best for us in how we use the computer. Apple truly needs to figure out what they are trying to sell. If it is mobile devices only, then they need to make that clear. This currently muddled approach of
        concentrating on iDevices and laptops, while saying they are still committed to desktops is frustrating. My 2012 vintage computer is getting a bit slow for the tasks I ask of it and I do need to upgrade. A laptop is honestly a waste of money for my and many other people’s use cases, in that I don’t need the added cost of the battery and display, but could use the added horsepower of a full desktop machine, whether it is in the form factor of a Mini or a Pro.

        Ultimately, it is a choice, there isn’t any need for the vitriol. If I or anyone else chooses to move on and try out something new, it is exactly that, a choice, nothing that should be rage inducing for anyone else.

  3. so many true, yet sad comments about the state of Apple’s osx and macs and choice in upper tier software …

    Lets see what the next year or so bring to the table. Im still hanging in there!

    I was happier and more productive on my windows before i switched to mac,(11 years ago in the halo of Iphone! )…Both in software and hardware departments and the bang i received for the buck.
    (Also So many things is find in osx that are inefficient or idiosyncratic.. )

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