Apple’s next-gen iPhones may drop Qualcomm’s modems and go Intel-only, and that could be a good thing

“‘We believe Apple intends to solely use our competitor’s modems rather than our modems in its next iPhone release,'” Jason Cross writes for Macworld. “That’s the quote from Qualcomm CFO George Davis, made during its earnings call with analysts on June 25, that sparked a small firestorm among Apple pundits.”

“When he says ‘our competitor’ he’s talking about Intel, whose modems are already used in many iPhones,” Cross writes. “It’s no wonder Apple is trying to break from using Qualcomm’s products, as the two companies are still caught up in an epic years-long series of lawsuits against each other.”

“The opinion pieces quickly followed, warning that this year’s iPhones would have slower cellular connections than top-tier Android phones and that the lack of a Qualcomm modem would set the iPhone back,” Cross writes. “I don’t believe that is necessarily true.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Dare we believe it? Is the single worldwide iPhone finally at hand?

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      1. The original article states QualComm modems are faster than the Intel. It states Apple cripples QualComm modems installed in iPhones so they’ll be on par with the Intel.

  1. From the article, gems like:
    “We don’t know how they compare in the real world, but on paper, the playing field is pretty level.”
    “Implementation details make a big difference, and specs don’t always indicate real-world performance, but on paper you’re not losing much at all going with an Intel XMM 7560”
    He should start a landscaping company with all that hedging.

    On paper, Intel shipped a high end mobile chip capable of utilizing LPDDR4 YEARS ago. On paper you MAY see it by the end of 2019. Things might not be as they were, but Intel is STILL Intel and they have a pretty poor track record where mobile is concerned.

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