Apple’s MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve is a high-grade, well-put-together product

“Alongside the new MacBook Pro launch and Blackmagic eGPU, Apple also released a new Leather Sleeve for its flagship laptop, albeit to significantly less fanfare and/or controversy,” Jeff Benjamin writes for 9to5Mac. “The MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve follows in the footsteps of similar leather-based offerings for the 12-inch MacBook and iPad Pro.”

“Comprised out of high-quality European leather, the MacBook Pro Leather sleeve is available in one of three colors for both 13- and 15-inch models,” Benjamin writes. “Should you consider dropping $179 (13-inch) or $199 to protect your MacBook Pro in style?”

“I’ve been testing the 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve in Saddle Brown,” Benjamin writes. “When you first touch the sleeve it becomes readily apparent that the leather is of a high-grade… It’s a well-put-together product that will protect your MacBook Pro during general day-to-day usage… My biggest gripe with the MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve, outside of the obvious cost factor, is that it’s not designed to be used in concert with a USB-C charging cable.”

Much more, including many photos, in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: These leather sleeves are beautifully made and, as for why it’s not designed to be used while charging, Apple’s MacBook Pro Info Guide clearly explains: “It’s important to keep your MacBook Pro on a hard, stable, and well-ventilated work surface when in use or charging.”


  1. I would agree with this. However I'm a little concerned that there aren't enough pockets. Or any for that matter. What if you carry around multiple devices or dongles or whatever? Where are you s'posed to put 'em? That's right, nowhere, 'cuz you


  2. So true my sister. so true. When I invented a laptop case ba k in 2031 I decided to create/invent new pockets to ensure that teh user could hold multiple DREVICES so... yeah.


  3. I have had sleeves, SLEEVES and more since Apple’s first laptops and I consider them worthless unless they have the following:

    1. A secure shoulder/neck strap that won’t self-disconnect under any circumstances (I have dented MBPros to show for lack of secure straps)

    2. A secure closure that won’t open if the sleeve flips upside down, when you grab the strap (all too easy to happen, causing more dents)

    3. A rain tight closure that won’t destroy my MBPro while running to the car.

    4. A separate expandable/stretchable mesh pocket or two outside the sleeve able to hold papers/mouse, etc, even though it is not rain proof.

    To me, Apple’s leather sleeve just gets around the fact that Apple’s MBPros are as slipery as s___, and need a non-slip surface for our hands.

    Just my long time opinion

  4. I’ve never understood the idea of sleeves. You still have to carry them by hand, which is very clumsy. Formthe 9.7” models I bought a nice leather strap carrier which want designed for the iPad, but fit it perfectly. It does have inside pockets, a pocket in front, with a zipper, and a pocket in back, outside. The thing was $100, but was on sale for %29, which made it a really good purchase.

    I couldn’t find something like that for my iPad Pro 12.9”, but did find a carrier for the Macbook, which is almost exactly the same size. It’s not nearly as nice,but is also slim, and has pockets outside on the back. It cost $19, on Amazon.

    After having carried my original iPad by hand, in the beginning, I will never do that again.

  5. Now I can carry my portable in public while exuding cache. In fact, it’s a EOL model I don’t even use, but the case obviously says otherwise. Thanks Apple, I’m a huge fan of style over substance. Tim, you’re the man!

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