Would you let your boss put a chip in your body?

“Dave Coplin is trying to explain to me why people across two continents are suddenly allowing their employers to put microchips under their skin,” Guy Clapperton writes for Medium. “‘I do this to my dog — why wouldn’t I do it to myself?’ Coplin says. I’m not convinced, so he launches into an anecdote about a club on the Mediterranean party island of Ibiza where people could chip themselves and then use the chip to buy drinks. Coplin suspects this was because they weren’t wearing many clothes.”

“But chipping yourself because you’re half-naked and don’t have a pocket for your wallet is very different from allowing your employer to chip you,” Clapperton writes. “So, how did we get here?”

“Coplin, who heads a consultancy called the Envisioners, says there are real benefits for both employer and employee — if we can only get over our squeamishness,” Clapperton writes. “‘If it adds value, I’m all for it,’ he says. ‘Today we look at people doing it and it feels a bit weird, but in reality, there is something inevitable about it.'”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last July:

Like it or not, it’s the next logical step. At first, it’ll even be optional. Welcome to a Brave New World. We’re surprised it hasn’t come sooner.

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    1. I agree. Absolutely no way. I’ve quit other jobs over the years when they’ve gotten new management and started to require idiotic actions.

      MDN’s staff’s “take” is consistent with some of their other views like their “take” on real Net Neutrality: “We’re in charge of you and what you can see and do. You are not.”

    2. People!…have you not heard of nano technology?
      Boss: Here you go Bernie, have a nice cool glass of fruit juice while I fill in this form OK?
      Bernie: That’s just fine and yes I’d love that drink, it’s kinda hot in here.
      Bernie has just ok’d the permission form, accepted the conditions and got chipped by the drink.

      Keep up there.

  1. People who don’t see the harm of chipping have not seen its abuse yet.

    That is on the way.

    Imagine being turned away at stores and sporting events and hospitals. Imagine the police or anybody scanning you from the street.

    Doors may be designed to prohibit access someday, all based upon your chip.

    Did you break the law? Probably not, but your social media score indicates you are a potential troublemaker. The Chinese are using those scores already.

    It’s on the way.

  2. Totalitarian tool evolution:

    1 – CCTV, traffic cams
    2 – Internet tracking / social media
    3 – cell phones
    4 – smart watches
    5 – medical devices/implants
    6 – remote contolled cyborgs

    Apple Watch, intentionally or not, will be cracked and used for evil. The tool is only as safe as the weakest app installed on it, today practically every one of them is attempting to datamine and track everything you do.

  3. Strange that MDN seem judging by their take to be rather comfortable with this idea (the compelled aspect in particular) when time and time again they bluster on about freedoms from Government or corporate interference when they try to interfere in peoples lives. They may see a distinction here but nothing is as inevitable ‘like it or not’ to use their phrase that the two will become one over time and central control becomes total. Personally I feel that if we as voters don’t want that future we can still have a very good chance of slowing or even stopping it altogether, only a dictatorship could make it the norm without question in the way MDN feels is inevitable. However whether the public who have shown little concern about corporations taking control of their information and thus much of their lives in the end accept this far greater imposition is still up for debate. Consequences are not always in the forefront of our mind when allow intrusion in the name of convenience. The jury is out.

    1. I was very surprised with MDN’s take for the reasons you mentioned. Since you covered most all of the points I was going to make, leave it there and well done. FREEDOM!!! …

      1. Frankly I’m shocked by the passiveness of MDN’s.
        I’ve tried to avoid the term, but now it’s so fitting. It’s pure sheepishness.

        They no doubt would favor Apple chips.
        Anyone trying to impose that in me would be facing a pineapple suppository.

  4. MDN editors can be first with the chip, we can then hack into them to see what they think about them 🙂

    It would be quite chipper…

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