Apple’s 2018 is back-loaded: iPad Pro, MacBook, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, 11-inch iPad Pro coming this fall

“Nearly the entire Apple product line including the iPhone, iPad Pro, first new Mac mini in nearly four years, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, second-generation AirPods, and ‘Series 4’ Apple Watch appear to be on the cusp of release, if Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest predictions are accurate,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“Kuo is expecting a new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro refresh. Details are short on both, but the 11-inch model is a notable increase from the 10.5-inch model, and not previously predicted,” Wuerthele reports. “Both are expected to have ‘full screen’ presumably meaning edge-to-edge, and a ‘removed button design’ once again implying FaceID will be incorporated on the line.”

MacDailyNews Take: Die, Home button, die!

“Kuo also predicts a processor upgrade for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. While he initially predicted that the MacBook Air line would see a refresh, the analyst has ‘changed the previous expectation’ and no longer believes that the still-expected low-cost model will be branded accordingly,” Wuerthele reports. “Specifically spelled out is an update to the processor for the Mac mini. This is the first time that the analyst has spoken about the Mac mini in any regard.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Even the Mac mini to get some longed-for love? Wow!


    1. The Imac Pro is pretty serious, but not affordable.
      unless $12k is affordable. $5k for openers,
      OWC makes some supped up machines, Go there. In other words, if you need to make money with a machine, don’t wait for Apple,

    2. Gary, let me clarify for you:
      – Mac Pro workstation 2010-2012: long live the king, still the best value Mac in service today. Outgunned by modern PCs in sheer power, it still remains one of the most versatile configurations Apple ever sold, and it still blows away the performance of thin unreliable fashion Macs that Apple has been making lately.
      – Mac Pro trashcan 2013-2018: obsolete when introduced, and more embarrassing with every passing minute. Who would buy a Thunderbolt 2 enabled dead end Mac Pro today?
      – Mac Pro 2019 – Apple had better make the wait worthwhile, otherwise Cook will have hell to pay. The very future of the Mac platform may depend on this release, for Apple to show that it gives a shit about Mac users who actually want to do heavy lifting with their machines.

        1. “unless your disdain for sealed marginally upgradable systems evaporates overnight.”

          Would that be current “disdain?”

          Or, are you saying the expected MacPros in 2019 will not be “upgradable systems?’ If so, how do you know or are you bloviating again with your unsubstantiated opinion.

          Mike is correct about “hell to pay.” The Pros have waited far too long enough and more of them will be leaving Apple in droves for good (billions lost) if they break their promise and let us down again. Obviously that does not concern you …

          1. I am going on the record that Mike and GoeB will NOT find the 2019 Mac Pro’s worthwhile. Are YOU willing to go on the record to say that you think they WILL be worthwhile? I don’t think you will.

            Because, even YOU know they won’t be worthwhile 🙂

            1. “Because, even YOU know they won’t be worthwhile.”

              Puhleeze! Don’t put words in my mouth master baiter.

              Either they will please the pros or they will not. I am prepared to depart Apple computers for good if they come up short.

              But my wish is they will recommit to the pro segment they originally established and blow all competition out of the water after learning from their mistakes and neglect. Stay tuned.

              Apple owner since my Lisa …

            2. How can you commit to like something nobody outside Apple has seen, if it even exists?

              I think the Mac Pro leaked at the meeting with friendly bloggers was to buy time until the Black iMac came out. I think they were hoping it would shut up the Workstation owners like myself who want something that can be user maintained, repaired and upgraded.

              Apple has slowly evolved into an abusive relationship with the higher end Mac customer. I was one who had the whole Final Cut suite and Logic and Aperture running on a Mac Pro workstation and saw Apple switch Final Cut and Logic out with no crossgrade or upgrade credit, saw them let Aperture die and then witnessed the Trashcan Mac Pro fiasco.

              It is not like I was running Garage Band, iMovie and iPhoto on a throwaway iMac. In the same time they bought up AuthenTec for the fingerprint reader patents and shut the company down- they also broke the software I used to drive my Eikon Fingerprint readers.

              Yes, there are some sour grapes, but this is not how you treat people buying your most expensive and highest margin stuff.

            3. “Either they will please the pros or they will not”
              The pros that Apple highlights in their marketing will be pleased.

              “How can you commit to like something nobody outside Apple has seen”
              You can’t, but you can predict. And I predict that

              “I think they were hoping it would shut up the Workstation owners like myself.”
              No, they KNOW that workstation crowd well, they know what that workstation crowd wants and they know it’s not the kind of systems they want to make. There are many workstation users that saw the iMac Pro and got dollar signs in their eyes thinking of all the money they were going to make with it. Those pros aren’t concerned with repairability or upgradeability. Why? I don’t know, but anyone buying a Mac today is voting with their dollars indicating they are more concerned with what they can do with what they have than making modifications after the sale.

              “this is not how you treat people buying”
              I think this is the key, here. There are folks that were burned in the past that stopped buying Apple, waiting for some indications that a purchase was not going to lead to them being burned again. Since they weren’t buying, Apple needed to either a) make products those people wanted to buy and take steps to win back their trust OR b) make products an entirely new group of people wanted to buy. (By the way, I don’t mean to say that Apple was caught unawares at some fictional crossroads. From Steve Jobs treatment of FCP users, it was clear what they intended to do from the start)

              They chose b), and no longer feel any pressure to do a) anymore. That’s why I think it’s silly to think that Apple will ever try to do a) again. They’ve already replaced all those pros they burned 1 for 1 with new pros PLUS some (for example I believe the top numbers for FCP was “over 2 million” and FCPX has surpassed that). So, Apple knows how to treat people that are “buying”, but Apple’s dismissing all those folks that “bought”.

  1. Certainly all those updated products will help Apple’s bottom line go boom during the Christmas shopping season. If the Mini is upgradable, may have to pull the trigger waiting for the MacPro in 2019. My 2010 Mini still going, but an upgrade would make a good server …

    1. It’s sadly hilarious the Mac Pro is always a bridesmaid and never a bride. It’s stupendous & spectacular failure indicative of Apple not keeping it’s eye on all it’s various “spheres.”

      Everything in sight gets updated but the one most longed for. Why do I get this feeling the 2019 Mac Pro will be another double take “are you joking??” POS not ready for pro prime time, assembled pro team at Apple notwithstanding. The clueless factor and the fact they just can’t help themselves will bollocks it up again.

      Oh and another reminder, it’s not just a FCPX & AMD world out there Apple. Stop telling pros what they must use or suffer the consequences of missed sales.

      I hope to be pleasantly surprised in 2019 (at WWDC?) but not counting on it.

    2. GoeB, all of those products would be a fantastic holiday season for Apple, but consider that typically when they announce something (these days) it isn’t available until long after Christmas. Or with Macs, they will start off saying that they are available NOW! Only it will be the lower end models, not the top of the line. Those of us who but the best Macs always wait.

    1. If you used an X you would understand. I don’t hate the home button but it’s a clunky interface compared to swiping. If only Face ID was as consistent as Touch ID it would be perfect, but the slight decrease in consistency is more than outweighed by a far more natural and modern UI. After a decade of iPhone home button use, it took all of an hour to get used to the X.

  2. Live!! Home Button!!! Live!!! Also resurrect the headphone jack. If there isn’t enough room to fit the headphone jack then the phone is too thin and needs a thicker battery.

  3. I, for one, would LOVE to buy a 2018 Mac mini. Still rolling with a 2011 model, but since it is no longer supported (and won’t run MacOS Mojave) it is welcomed by me with open arms.

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