The Best Mac for Gaming: Testing them all using real games

“Let’s get this out of the way: Macs are not ideal for gaming,” Ric Molina writes for Mac Gamer HQ. “If you want a computer primarily to play games, you will be better off with a custom-built Windows tower.”

“But that’s not why you’re here. You probably prefer a Mac for your everyday use, but you also want to play games on the side,” Molina writes. “And if you’re thinking about upgrading, or getting your first Mac, you want to know: What is the best Mac for gaming I can buy today?”

“Macs may not be designed for gaming, but many can still do a decent job and a few can even be excellent gaming machines,” Molina writes. “We’re here to show you which ones can be called true Apple gaming computers and which ones you should stay away from. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a laptop or a desktop. We cover both.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good advice: Stay away from integrated graphics.


  1. It’s painfully obvious that the Mac team in Cupertino hasn’t any interest in gaming or high performance graphics. They haven’t displayed any interest in industry leadership in that realm, ever. What is shocking is how far behind they have fallen. The current performance falls beyond disinterest, in sheer graphics performance, Macs now look like they are designed by ignorant buffoons who actually think the thickness of the device is the only thing that matters to buyers.

    Molina starts his article with this zinger:

    “Let’s get this out of the way: Macs are not ideal for gaming. If you want a computer primarily to play games, you will be better off with a custom-built Windows tower.”

    Then later on he reminds us how bad Apple is mismanaging Mac hardware by repeating what every heavy Mac user has been saying for more than 5 years:
    ” 1. Stay away from integrated graphics.
    2. Get the Mac with the most expensive graphics card you can.”

    An additional dagger to the heart of Apple’s incompetent Mac management team comes when they determine that a plain jane iMac with Radeon Pro 580 graphics card can outperform any 2013-on Mac Pro trashcan, and any iMac Pro.

    But this is the best part: they even reference the MacRumors buyers guide, which lists 5 our of 7 Mac models as “dont’t buy” — surprisingly giving the 2013 Trashcan a mere “caution” tag for some unknown charitable reason. The only somewhat modern Mac device is the $5k black iMac Pro, and who knows that the hell that model is designed for. Someone who wants to pay top dollar for Xeon processors, black paint and limited upgradeability and a dearth of connection ports, all hidden in the back — and lackluster graphics performance that cannot be upgraded.

    Way to show the love, Cook.

    1. The thing I just don’t understand is why Apple can’t at least update all machines once a year with faster internals. That’s it. No need to innovate or invent stuff no one cares about (touch bar anyone?).

      Just deliver faster versions at least once a year with the latest processors and graphics cards. No need to make them thinner neither. They’re thin enough as it is. Just give us updated internals!

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