How to install Kodi on your Mac

“Kodi is one of the most popular media center managers around. It’s fast, it’s free, and it’s available on a wide variety of devices, including Mac, iOS, and even Fire Stick and Fire TV,” John Bardinelli writes for AddictiveTips. “The standard install doesn’t include any streaming resources, but if you find the right Kodi build, you can use a pre-configured version of the software and watch movies right away.”

“Over its years of development Kodi has only gotten easier to use. Installation is a snap for most devices, and on some platforms you can even install Kodi through an app store,” Bardinelli writes. “Kodi is open source and completely legal to use. Some of the third party add-ons you can use are known to access potentially illegal content, however. You can never tell what certain Kodi add-ons contain, and this has led a number of ISPs to start blocking or throttling Kodi traffic. Even if you use Kodi on your Mac for completely legitimate reasons, you may find your internet speeds artificially slowed down, or worse.”

“VPNs can keep you safe from threats to your privacy no matter where they come from,” Bardinelli writes. “Once you’ve got a good VPN in place, it’s time to download and install Kodi. Note that the app isn’t available on the Mac app store, and you’ll need an Intel Mac running OS X 10.8 or higher to run the software…”

Easy instructions for installing Kodi on your Mac are here.

MacDailyNews Take: If a third party add-on makes you say to yourself, “This can’t be legal,” it isn’t.

Amazon and Netflix join Hollywood to sue ‘Kodi’ service SetTV for copyright infringement – April 23, 2018


    1. That‘s like saying Macs are illegal because you can run a torrent cluent on them.

      Kodi isn‘t illegal, but some add-ons certainly are.

      I use Kodi to access movies on my media server. It’s perfect for this.

      1. I buy one or two movies a week. DRM is instantly stripped and file goes on HD. Never streamed outside of home network once.

        I do not let people copy them and I pay for all media on those drives. Bittorrent blocked at the router. It’s called fair use. And I can watch them on any device.

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