Developer shares new iOS 12 evidence of Apple’s upcoming iPad with TrueDepth Camera

“Steven Troughton-Smith today shared new evidence in iOS 12 that Apple is close to launching an iPad with Face ID,” Tim Hardwick reports for MacRumors.

“The well-known developer discovered an iPad-ready implementation of AvatarKit, the software framework that Apple’s Animoji feature relies on,” Hardwick reports. “Previously, only the iPhone X firmware has included the AvatarKit framework, which requires a TrueDepth camera to perform real-time face tracking, so the fact that Apple has included it in the iOS 12 beta offers another indication that an iPad with similar hardware is just around the corner.”

“Indeed,” Hardwick reports, “rumors suggest Apple is working on a new high-end iPad Pro for release this year that will adopt many of the design elements that the company introduced with the iPhone X.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: More proof that our next iPad Pros are coming soon!


  1. I hope Apple will not abandon the iPad mini. I love that wee beastie. It’s the perfect size to take when traveling. Not too small screen size but not too big to add too much bulk in carry on luggage.

    1. Apple doesn’t seem to maintain products with “mini” as part of the name. Hope for a change to “thin” and Jonae will bring it to market. It’s easy to think the Mac Pro might benefit from the word addition, but the perception doesn’t bring confidence in the Pro community.

    2. I agree about the utility and value of the iPad Mini. It’s the perfect sized iPad to me. With thinner bezels, perhaps Apple can fit a 9.7″ screen inside the 8″ body of the mini and satisfy both sets of fans.

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