Questions about Apple’s new Maps, answered

“Earlier today we revealed that Apple was re-building maps from the ground up,” Matthew Panzarino reports for TechCrunch. “These are some questions from readers that came up when we went live. You can ask more questions [in the full article] and I’ll try to add them.”

Here’s a sample:

Q: What part of Maps will be new?
A: The actual map. Apple is building them from scratch, with its own data rather than relying on external partners.

Q: Does it use information from iPhones?
A: Yes. It uses segments of trips you take that have been anonymized called probe data to determine things like “is this a valid route?” or to glean traffic congestion information.

Q: Does this mean street view mode is coming?
A: Maybe; Apple did not announce anything related to a street-level view. With the data that it is gathering from the cars, it could absolutely accomplish this, but no news yet.

Read more in the full article – very highly recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, beyond the accuracy, detail, and potential new features like street view, only Apple’s Maps will provided real privacy: “The only device that knows about your entire trip is your personal device… Not only can it not tell who it came from, Apple says it cannot even reconstruct a trip based on this data — no matter who asks for it.”

Apple has been rebuilding Maps from the ground up for years and it’s due to launch very soon – June 29, 2018


  1. I saw an apple maps vehicle driving up the street in North Dakota just yesterday. Street View is coming based on that car and cameras on top of it.

  2. Sounds like a lot of talented minds and a lot of thought put into the future of Maps. “Thousands of people working on maps.” Not many companies (or countries) on Earth capable of that, I’m sure. Truly sounds impressive. But… I hate to let the air out of the tires… “rolling out over the next year.” Unfortunately, I have to assume that it is gonna be a looong wait. Like (maybe) fall of 2019. That is a good 17 to 18 month wait. Note that Apple recently has a (bad?) habit of announcing stuff waaay early. Apple AirPower anyone? Haven’t heard a peep from Apple about that in at least a YEAR.

      1. If you had read my repeated post carefully, you would have noticed that it is, in fact, a totally different repeated repost. I fixed a few misspelled words (sorry about that) and added an extra sentence at the end. By the way, I am a teacher, small business owner, full time Apple fanboy and sometimes part time poster to the comment section here, so I think I have enough lives already. Thank you very much.

    1. Gawd! You sure can’t stop yourself whining. There is a HUGE difference.

      Those cables that count the number of cars going through an intersection don’t also transmit my name and shopping preferences. If you want to quibble about the meaning of “real”… well, get over it.

    2. “differential privacy is not real privacy” That’s a stretch even for you o cynical one. The ability to choose not to contribute to the data pool does not equate to not having privacy. The two are separate issues. You don’t want to contribute to the data pool. I get that, but that doesn’t have anything to do with your privacy. That’s just you wanting to opt out of something. I might not like those cables on the road that count cars and I might complain about that but it has nothing to do with my privacy.

        1. The collection of information via differential privacy doesn’t violate your privacy at all. You just don’t like the collection of data part. Two separate issues. It is not your data when collected through differential privacy It is just plain old data mixed with lots of other plain old data. Complain all you like that Apple is collecting data and how you don’t like that but you cannot also link it to privacy because it isn’t linked to your privacy. The cables on the road gather data the collector doesn’t own (it’s MY car!) but it doesn’t infringe my privacy at all. I’m not saying you can’t have a beef about Apple collecting information. It’s silly but go ahead and complain about that. Saying that it infringes your privacy in some way is where you go off the rails because that just isn’t true.

            1. No, the data does not include your data. Everything about the data that could be considered yours is stripped away. It is a lot like the cables on the road gathering data about cars. While I am providing data as I drive over the cables with MY car the data collected isn’t about my car at all. You are missing the key point about differential privacy. I suspect you are doing so on purpose because of your hatred of Apple. You are free to complain about the gathering of data generally but Apple cannot gather YOUR data because nothing about the data collected is connected to YOU. It is a subtle and complex truth that I fear is lost on you.

            2. “PS-Stripping away identifying information while stealing my data is stealing and concealing. Needs to be opt-in and under my control.”

              Sigh. Why do I ever bother with you? You are choosing to not understand the simple truth of this. It isn’t YOUR data. It is just data. That. Is. How. It. Works. Goodbye.

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