Hands-on with Apple Watch’s Walkie-Talkie feature in watchOS 5 beta 2

“After appearing as a placeholder in the initial iOS 12 developer beta, Walkie-Talkie is now functional in iOS 12 beta 2,” Jeff Benjamin writes for 9to5Mac. “After testing it I was able to add new contacts, accept new contact requests, and both send and receive audio messages.”

“When you launch the Walkie-Talkie app on your Apple Watch, you’ll be met with a scrollable list of all of your contacts. Simply tap on a contact to request Walkie-Talkie access to that contact. The recipient, if running a compatible version of watchOS, will then receive a request stating that the contact wants to talk with you over Walkie-Talkie,” Benjamin writes. “Recipients have the option to Always Allow or Dismiss the request.”

“When you tap on a contact card, you’ll be taken to the talk screen, which allows you to facilitate conversation,” Benjamin writes. “A huge TALK button dominates the Apple Watch display. To send a message, simply press and hold the talk button for the duration that you wish to speak. Once you’re finished speaking, release the button and your message will be sent to the recipient.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Imagine using Apple Watch’s Walkie-Talkie on a job site, as a wrist-based intercom in your house, a concert, at the fair or the beach, or… the sky’s the limit!

Plus, the Apple Watch roadkill (FitBit, etc.) will have an impossible time trying to replicate this feature. Apple already has FaceTime Audio technology implemented. That’s not at all easy to duplicate.

How Apple Watch’s new ‘Walkie-Talkie’ feature works – June 5, 2018


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