Future Macs could adopt Intel’s new, high-performance discrete GPUs

“Intel has confirmed it intends to create its own discrete graphics processing chips by 2020, a move that opens up the possibility of Apple using discrete Intel GPUs across its laptop and desktop Mac lines,” Malcolm Owen writes for AppelInsider.

“Initially revealed by CEO Brian Krzanich during an analyst event in early June, Intel plans to offer its discrete GPU in just a few years, reports MarketWatch,” Owen writes. “An official Intel Twitter account confirmed the news, first by noting the 2020 target date, then by retweeting the story.”

“Intel’s intention is to provide the discrete GPUs to enterprise and consumer markets,” Owen writes. “In the consumer market, Intel will be directly competing against Nvidia and AMD, possibly by offering graphics cards for desktop computers or supplying notebook producers with GPUs.”

“While Nvidia and AMD’s dominance in the GPU market over the last two decades may be hard for Intel to crack, the processor producer could be in a good position to create discrete GPUs that work better with its own CPUs than its rivals,” Owen writes. “This synergy could make an Intel CPU and GPU combination an attractive prospect for notebook producers, including Apple.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more quality competition, the better!


  1. Future Macs could actually be upgradeable, upgraded yearly, faster, have more RAM and not over-designed to be sealed anti-user crap too.

    I know it may be too much to expect from a company with hundreds of billions of dollars at their disposal to truly be the best in all of their device regards.

  2. The graphics capabilities built into Apples A-series SoCs are pretty incredible. Apple can leverage that technology in two ways: (1) develop Macs based on the A-series processors and, (2) create stand-alone graphics processors to integrate with Macs.

    Frankly, given Intel’s track record since the early 2000s, I am not all that excited about Intel’s plans to enter the graphics processor market a couple of years from now. It could turn out to be just another Atom-like failure, assuming that it even results in a commercial product. Time will tell, but I am not holding my breath. In my opinion, Apple has more than sufficient internal chip design potential to move forward. My guess is that Apple will not need Intel at all within a few years.

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