Apple just proved these critics wrong

“Conspiracy theories abound that Apple intentionally slows down its older devices — particularly iPhones — in a bid to get people to buy newer devices at a faster pace,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “Those theories seemed to gain credibility when it was revealed that Apple — in order to avoid unexpected shutdowns of the devices — was throttling back the performance of older iPhones that had significantly degraded batteries. ”

“However, seemingly in response to public backlash against this practice (a backlash that I disagreed with), Apple did two things: It offered users of older iPhones cheaper battery replacements through the rest of 2018 and it added some battery-health monitoring functionality to its iPhones as well as the ability to disable the performance throttling on devices with degraded batteries,” Eassa writes. “Although Apple’s moves should’ve been enough to quash the ‘planned obsolescence’ narrative, some remained unconvinced.”

“However, after Apple’s announcements at its Worldwide Developers Conference, it should be abundantly clear that the company isn’t trying to force customers off their old devices,” Eassa writes. “All devices that were compatible with iOS 11 will be compatible with iOS 12. Apple’s not leaving any customers behind with this update. Now, if Apple’s goal was to make older devices obsolete as quickly as possible, would it have invested all of the engineering effort into making sure the latest versions of iOS were less taxing on the hardware and would dramatically speed things up for older devices? I don’t think so.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The “planned obsolescence” narrative at the heart of “Batterygate” has always been bunk.


        1. Microsoft had to support XP for a decade because that was their primary OS. Vista did not exactly attract users in droves. It wasn’t until Windows 7 that a significant percentage of users moved on from XP. But, you can believe what you like, as if it makes a difference.

  1. Apple acted stupidly in the battery fudge. MDN are wrong to call it ‘bunk’. Apple has always outwardly said it prides itself on openness and care. On that occasion they chose to not let consumers choose whether to have a worse battery – or a slower phone. No matter how much we love them..they deliberately slowed down people’s software..and didn’t tell them. It was a huge mistake full of a not uncommon arrogance.

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