tvOS 12 brilliantly fixes Apple TV’s biggest password pain

“Entering passwords on Apple TV has been one of the biggest pain-points on its entire existence,” Buster Hein writes for Cult of Mac. “But starting with tvOS 12, Apple is giving its box the ability to prompt all nearby iPhones to enter a password, even if you’ve never connected to that Apple TV.”

“Apple revealed the Siri Remote’s ability to search for nearby iPhones at a demo during WWDC this week,” Hein writes. “Developers can take advantage of the new API too so that it works with third-party apps.”

“Finally! No more hunting and pecking for individual characters on a giant virtual keyboard,” Hein writes. “Also, it’s nice that you don’t have to show everyone your passwords now while entering it on the big screen.”

How it works (it’s simple) explained here.

MacDailyNews Take: “Finally,” indeed!

Interns, it’s beer thirty in 3… 2…

Prost, everyone!


  1. so let me try to understand. the first thing Apple or any other tech company does today is require you to create an account. but Apple is the company that makes the biggest noise about having secure identity technology. Apple claims to be able to securely tie all your devices together. Apple has your credit card and fingerprints

    so why can’t Apple vouch for your identity to all the atv apps? why create multiple accounts for all these services when Apple should be able to give the user the option to authenticate himself just as easily as unlocking his iPhone????

    i don’t get it. app management on atv still sucks. Apple’s insistence on pushing the app store concept onto television is why Apple will never displace cable tv entirely. Cable Tv is way easier.

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