Can Apple shares end their losing streak?

“Next week, all eyes will be on Apple at its WorldWide Developers Conference,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “This annual event is mostly used to show off the company’s newest operating systems, but sometimes we see new products. While this event is always a glimpse into Apple’s future, there always are high expectations going in. Perhaps that’s what makes it the stock’s worst week of the year generally.”

“Ask a large enough number of investors or Apple enthusiasts, and I’m sure you’ll see expectations for every product line to have something new unveiled at WWDC. There are even rumors of a new iPhone SE and possibly HomePod coming at the event,” Maurer writes. “As product expectations pile up, it only increases the chance for disappointment, so when Apple doesn’t release a ton of shiny new gadgets, the stock tends to sell off.”

“The week of WWDC usually means a lot of red for the stock. Since 2001, the only WWDC week that Apple shares finished higher was in 2014, and that was a unique time because investors piled into the stock right before the 7 for 1 stock split,” Maurer writes. “Of the 16 weeks that shares have declined, the average loss has been 3.86%, basically the average of the last two years as well.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If we could predict future near-term stock prices, you wouldn’t be reading this sentence.


  1. Wow….that’s a amazingly consistent result, one year excepted. Sounds like an easy way to get almost 5% of your money back. Sell your shares this week, then wait for the WWDC to end, watch Apple shares sell off and then re-buy.

  2. What losing streak? At 187 and change, Apple has been close to its all time highs all week and bumping against it. Bill Mauer is a SeekingAlpha clickbait author who is perpetually a “glass is half empty and going to empty more” analcyst about Apple stock. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him post anything positive about AAPL.

    Read the comments from people who are extremely familiar with his constant negative drumbeat on SeekingAlpha.

    1. This losing streak: “Since 2001, the only WWDC week that Apple shares finished higher was in 2014, and that was a unique time because investors piled into the stock right before the 7 for 1 stock split.”

  3. Sure, Stock will go way up if Apple simply announces great new needed innovative products, and announces big updates for the current line up… easy.

    Fail to innovate and excite and stock will go backward,
    What’s to know?

  4. If there is a losing streak, then that’s good for loyal, long-term shareholders as long as Apple has an aggressive share buyback plan in place. I want to see those shares outstanding constantly decreasing. Get rid of all those cowardly Apple investors who dump their stock at every unconfirmed rumor. Who needs trash like that? I don’t care if Apple stock sells off due to a disappointing WWDC event as long as Apple is buying back discounted shares.

    I’m not sure what to expect from the WWDC event. I can only assume it will be some hardware updates to current products and not some new product category. I’m more interested in finding out what direction Apple is headed in if that’s going to be revealed. Apple really leaves me puzzled about the future (except for its ongoing interest in services). I’m certainly curious about what type of hardware is going to be offered in standard iMacs.

  5. Oh for fuck’s sake. The latest quarter numbers kicked ass and the analysts are trying to come up with more dumb FUD on the stock.

    I would say that the expectations for anything new hardware from Apple is low.

  6. WWDC is not usually an event for hardware releases, even less so for items like iPhone SE or a new HomePod.

    If Wall Street is expecting hardware to be released at WWDC, then it has learned nothing from previous events. WWDC is mainly concerned with software, which never attracts the attention of Wall Street, irrespective of how transformational that software might be.

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