Apple’s new ‘Messages in iCloud’ works only on iOS devices, not Macs, yet

“Despite the fact that Apple pushed out iOS 11.4 on May 29 to iPads and iPhones, which included the long-awaited Messages in iCloud feature, the company did not release macOS 10.13.5 yet,” Justin Meyers reports for Gadget Hacks. “This newest version of High Sierra is only available in beta form right now, and it’s required in order to sync messages across all of your Apple devices — not just iOS devices.”

“Apple usually released macOS updates hours after iOS updates, but Apple’s own help page on the feature just tells users to ‘”Update your iPhone and iPad to the latest iOS and your Mac to the latest macOS,'” Meyers reports. “As of right now, the latest macOS version is 10.13.4, so even Apple’s own help page is incorrect at this time since they haven’t pushed out 10.13.5 yet.”

“To enable Messages in iCloud on a Mac, you would open Messages, then click ‘Messages’ in the menu bar, followed by ‘Preferences.’ There, you select the ‘Accounts’ tab, and if it’s available, you’ll see ‘Enable Messages in iCloud’ under the Settings option,” Meyers reports. “However, on macOS 10.13.4, the Messages in iCloud option won’t show up at all.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We await the release of macOS 10.13.5 with joyful hearts as our Messages are syncing quite nicely on our assorted iOS devices! We expect macOS 10.13.5 will be along soon after Apple fixes whatever last-minute issue cropped up to delay its release.

How to turn on Apple’s new Messages in iCloud – May 29, 2018


  1. It is also worth to note that HopePod stereo pairing does not work with iTunes. So, if you are planning to cast from a Mac OS device, you better unpair your HomePods first. Otherwise, one speaker in the pair will no produce any sound. All of this, even after today’s small iTunes update.

    1. I’m streaming from iTunes on an iMac Pro to four HomePods and a few speakers connected to AirPort Expresses. All software is up to date. If I stream to paired HomePods via an iOS device, they work perfectly! However, if I stream from my iMac, only one of the two paired HomePods plays any sound. The other is silent. I have not contacted Apple Support yet. I’m guessing that iTunes does not support AirPlay 2 at the moment

      1. This is from Apple Support regarding streaming from a Mac OS device to STEREO PAIRED HomePods…. “Thank you again for waiting! I was able to find out that the software for the iTunes has not been sent out yet. So it is set for iOS devices with the HomePods, but not for iTunes from a Mac yet. That should be coming out soon though.”

  2. To be fair I’ve never had a problem with Messages across iOS devices although it can sometimes be a bit laggy syncing to my Macs if not used for a while.

    1. It’s not half assed it’s just a matter of the stock standard staggered release of iOS vs MacOS by a day or two.
      Just because it’s so easy for impatient adult “children” to jump online and complain that they’re not getting instant gratification doesn’t mean Apple should change good business practice of spreading out the load on their servers and customer service teams.

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