Android P? Pfft! All the best things from Google I/O are coming to Apple’s iPhone

“The annual Google I/O conference is still underway on Thursday, the conference’s third and final day. Developers have plenty to gain from the final day’s sessions, but the general public’s interest in Google I/O likely started and finished back on Tuesday when Google hosted its big opening keynote,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “The company packed a ton of big announcements into its Google I/O 2018 keynote earlier this week and the tech media continues to unpack everything even now, two days later.”

“Google sells hardware and it also maintains the biggest mobile platform on the planet, and yet it’s a software and services company first and foremost,” Epstein reports. ” Google is more than happy for you to use products from other phone and laptop makers, and it wants to do everything it can to provide all the same great apps and services you would enjoy on a Pixel device.”

“This is great news for iPhone users,” Epstein reports. “From Gmail and Google Calendar to Google Photos, Google Maps, Google Drive, and more, I replace as many Apple apps as I can with Google apps on my iPhone. In fact, I don’t even use Safari. The main Google app serves as a starting point for anything and everything involving webpages on my phone… That brings us back to Google I/O 2018, where Google announced several exciting new features that are coming to its various apps and services… Well guess what: you won’t need Android P on your smartphone to enjoy all these new features and more. In fact, you won’t need Android at all. Google’s goal is to put its services — and ads, and data collection — in front of as many eyes as possible, and that obviously includes the 1.3 billion or so iPhone and iPad users scattered around the world.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “This is great news for iPhone users” who don’t care a whit about their privacy and like to be tracked by Google, advertisers, and God only knows who else. TFTFY.


    1. Apple has their custom AI chip. Now it has to go make use of it. Will be hard to catch up to Google in cloud AI since like Apple in devices they develop their own silicon for use in their AI servers.

        1. Much of the recent AI advancements deal with gathering a huge amount of user interactions and info over a long period of time. Unless Apple thinks up of secure workarounds for their Privacy policy, it’s more likely their falling behind will further accelerate as time passes. The question is how far is Apple willing to go towards rethinking “Privacy”?

          Another path for Apple to maintain its Privacy policy would be to make a quantum leap in processing power (at least 1 magnitude) to allow all AI processing to be done on-board devices.

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