Miln launches Beyond, a new web server for Apple’s Mac

Graham Miln today announced the launch of Beyond, an application for running web servers on your Mac.

Beyond is easy to use, simple to set up, and secure by design. You will be running a web server on your Macintosh within seconds.

Beyond creates a web server on your Mac. Open the Beyond application and seconds later your web server is ready to browse and share. Setting up the web server is as easy as choosing a folder on your Mac. The chosen folder becomes the source of the web server’s files.

Using Beyond is easy; there are no complex configuration files, no security risks, and no technical knowledge required.

• Need a quick way to share files? Use Beyond.
• Need to test your new web site privately? Use Beyond.
• Need a safe and easy web server? Use Beyond.

Beyond is simple. Every Beyond document is a web server. Starting and stopping the server is as easy as opening and closing a document.

Creating a web server in Beyond is effortless:
1. Launch
2. Select ‘Choose Folder…’ and select a folder
3. Click the server link to browse your site. Your web server is running!

Beyond is document based. Each document is an independent web server. The Beyond application and the embedded web servers are sandboxed to protect you and your files.

Each web server can only read from the folder you chose to serve. The server can only serve static files; there are no executables or scripts to worry about.

Beyond does not need an Internet connection or even network access to work. You can control the reach of the server. Limit serving to the computer, to the local network, or go beyond your network.

Beyond’s dashboard shows you all you need to know about your web servers. The dashboard shows how many files and the amount of data that has been served. Gauges show the memory use and number of processing threads. The log lets you see every request made to your server and where it came from.

More info and screenshots here.

MacDailyNews Note: Buying a Beyond Membership includes:

• true reachability verification
• a Beyond domain name
• access to advanced options

A 3 month membership costs 6.99 EUR / US$6.99. A one year membership costs 16.99 EUR / $US16.99.

Beyond is available for free (offer in-app purchase for membership features) via Apple’s Mac App Store here.


    1. They never had their own server, they just packaged apache. You just have to go get it now, download it and install the package.

      Clearly though Apple doesn’t give a hoot if it works or not. Windows Server for serious users.

      Synology NAS for home users.

      1. Side Note: One of the reasons Apple has wimped out (or however we choose to describe it) on macOS Server is that Apache has had a terrible year of security holes and exploits. I figure Apple:

        A) Doesn’t want the blame from users for Apache’s problems.
        B) Doesn’t want to have to jump with new updates every time Apache is patched.
        B) Wants to encourage users to DIY Apache patches ASAP.

        There are other security and functionality related examples. But Apache has recently been a prime problem for them.

        If users do keep up with Apache patches, they haven’t had a lot of problems. Those that don’t keep up with Apache patches got burned.

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