Analysts expect Apple’s results to show iPhone growth problem and Cook’s plan to fix it

“Apple Inc. earnings this week will confirm what most investors have finally accepted: The iPhone X didn’t live up to the hype,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg. “The results should also provide clues on the company’s next strategy for its most-important product.”

MacDailyNews Take: The iPhone X certainly did live up to the hype, and then some. It’s the best iPhone, by far, that we’ve ever owned. The jury on iPhone X sales living up the the hype remains out.

“Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and other Apple executives have a “major prove-me” period ahead, beginning with a new sales forecast and a conference call with analysts on Tuesday, GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives said,” Gurman reports. “He and other analysts cut their iPhone sales estimates, and Apple stock is down almost 8 percent in the past two weeks.”

“On Tuesday, Apple is expected to report fiscal second-quarter iPhone unit sales grew just over 2 percent from a year earlier,” Gurman reports. “For the fiscal third quarter, unit sales will be down 5 percent year-over-year, according to average analyst forecasts compiled by Bloomberg.”

MacDailyNews Take: You know, because analysts’ consensus estimates about anything to do with Apple as oh-so-accurate.

Here are some of the key numbers to watch on Tuesday:
• Analysts are looking for revenue of $61 billion in the fiscal second quarter, or 15 percent year-over-year growth, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Earlier this year, • Apple forecast sales between $60 billion and $62 billion for the period.
• Fiscal second-quarter iPhone unit sales are expected to be 51.9 million, up from 50.8 million a year earlier, according to average analyst forecasts compiled by Bloomberg.
• For the fiscal third quarter, analysts see 39 million iPhones sold, on average, down from 41 million in the same period of 2017.

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MacDailyNews Note: As always, we’ll bring your the results as soon as they are available (simply check our home page at 4:30pm EDT on May 1st).

We plan to cover the conference call with live notes as usual. That link will appear on our home page around 4:45pm EDT on May 1st.

Apple to release Q218 earnings, webcast live conference call on May 1st – April 3, 2018


  1. If success is determined by unit sales and market share then Apple is doomed and Andriod is the winner. How about determining the success by overall profits in which case Apple is the clear winner. Also low iPhone X sales means less income for Samsung given they are the sole provider of the OLED screen. So some good news there. Overall the phone market is reaching a saturation point, something that has happened with the iPad market. Something has to give, it cannot be growth all the time.

    1. Well that’s because they can never shipped anything or they come out with an overpriced HomePod they can’t even utilize airplay2 yet. Well, it’s spring time and Apple must have lots of fun Friday’s scheduled.

  2. Phew, what a relief it’s the iPhone sales that aren’t living up to the hype, I guess the iPhone purchases are safe then. Good thing too, it would be like some crappy shit country circumventing the Geneva convention by calling prisoners of war (POW) something like enemy combatants so that they could torture and do what they want to them.

    Of course not even an analyst would be that stupid.

    I’m sure Tim will find a solution, oh no wait he’s got a problem to fix, way way different.

      1. How am I torturing you? Am I water boarding you while you come here? Am I forcing you to read MDN, or blasting out the articles over loud speakers so that you can’t sleep? Please elucidate, not that you have to, most of us remember that “Whaaaaaaaaaahhh Iraq has a weapons of mass destruction program…WHAAAAAAAAAAH.” whine right about the time your home nation betrayed humanity.

        1. TowerTone already told you — same “stupid” comments you torture us with DAILY. But we know you have a reading comprehension problem and are out of touch with REALITY. These questions will help you get over your sicko obsession and you’ll learn where the tortuous terrorists live:

          1) Name “terrorist nations” that cut off prisoner heads while they are still alive on video.

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          4) Name “terrorist nations” that stone women in public.

          5) Name “terrorist nations” that execute gay citizens.

          I’m guessing you will run away again, not answer the questions, because you simply can’t HANDLE the TRUTH …

        2. is a bit of torture. Regularly submitting your obsession on a tech site, would be like me talking about baby strollers on a farm equipment site. You just don’t get it, care, or are oblivious to the incongruity. That’s tone deafness, metaphorically speaking. Please turn up the adult-maturity level a bit and, or direct, your obsession to a venue where there’s applicability. Lastly, I’m not interested in your typically bromide response to such comments, as they are self-serving and dismissive to the point. Would you please direct your obsession elsewhere? Please?

          1. I am not forcing you to read my post and I doubt my post has any effect on your hearing capacity.

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            Yet you have a point so here is what I propose, I’ll stop all my mention of the topic the moment Apple’s home country gets it’s sorry ass out of Iraq, or when that weapons of mass destruction program is found and when Apple’s home country closes down Guatanamoherbobummertrumpo on the Bay resort.

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            I do care, I care about humanity and I don’t have any respect for those that torture.

            So clean up your act or live with it.

            Now about Apple’s iphone growth problem…. oh nothing on the topic at hand. Typical.

          2. Incurable “tone deafness.” Well said!

            RW is an out of control plague on the good citizens of MDN.

            When you are that self righteous, you lose track of reality and respect.

            Waiting for RW self righteous rant in 3… 2… 1…

  3. It’s so annoying to know that Apple’s future rests only on iPhone market share percentage. I can only depend on Apple dividends to make it worthwhile owning Apple. The share price isn’t going to rise and even worse, Amazon is going to beat Apple to the $1T market cap mark with a P/E of around 400. Why is it that Jeff Bezos fully understands how to excite investors and Tim Cook doesn’t? Apple has far more cash to use to find ways of increasing revenue than Amazon does. I suppose the difference in business models makes it easier for Amazon to grow in size than Apple.

    It’s a pity that iPhone “supercycle” never happened although I certainly wasn’t counting on anything like that. I think that Apple shouldn’t be putting so much dependency on iPhone sales because that clearly isn’t going to work out well for Apple. Even to me, iPhone sales growth in China seems rather unlikely in such a crowded smartphone market.

  4. I’ve been criticizing Apple leaders lately over Mac, Siri etc.
    (in the hope they will fix the issues quickly)

    But analysts and those click bait writers who quote those analysts are just dumb:

    “Analysts are looking for revenue of $61 billion in the fiscal second quarter, or 15 percent year-over-year growth”

    somehow they can paint that as being so bad.

    They overestimate, make corrections and then paint it as Apple failure… etc.

    Is Apple firing on all cylinders like under the one of a kind genius Steve Jobs? , no , but is it financially in such dire straits as stocks analyst wall street manipulators make it out to be, no as well.

    I’m a critic of Apple but I still own aapl shares.

    (btw there are signs Apple leadership is belatedly waking up, hiring that A.I from Google, making the iMac Pro and other Macs scheduled etc… )

    1. When I read these words in the title of the article, a chuckle emerged w/o any real thought. “Fix” coupled with “Cook” is a bit of a misnomer. Reading about the recent profit increase in India makes my critical note a contradiction to some, but I can’t help it. I have no idea what TC is doing except keeping the train on the tracks. Admittedly, that’s a big task for a company like Apple, but as the CEO, the job is more that plugging the holes in the dike. How is he fueling the train?

    2. Apple has been hiring really good people for a number of years. The health/medical hires for iPh tech has been notable for close to 10 yrs. Sure, there’s been advancement and I maybe too impatient, but so far, there’s little advance tech to be seen. As you listed recently, numerous “bread & butter” products aren’t making it to the market. Maybe there’s a tectonic directional change happening at Apple that will confirm a plan that’s been formulating? I’ve been thinking that for too long and it’s essentially been my excuse for Apple leadership.

  5. Apple = One Trick Pony

    Tim, when is the last time you ran an ad campaign for the Macintosh? The ASP for a Mac is higher than that of the iPhone.
    Oh, that’s right. Why advertise a Mac mini that is 4 years old. Or a Mac “Pro” that is 5 years old.

    Fish rot from the head.

  6. The problem with the iPhone X, from people that I’ve talked to and also from owning one myself, is that the screen is too small. I used to have a 7 Plus and it feels like a downgrade now that I have the X. Once Apple finally releases a big-screened iPhone X, they’ll be competitive with the Android phones again.

  7. OMG!! Are the “analysts” stupid or what!! (the first 4 letters apply at least) I can’t believe anyone pays them to write their click bait drivel. The iPhone X is obviously on a mission of discovery for Apple trialing the new interface built around face ID and the loftiest price points yet for an iPhone. At that price they may well have exhausted most of the supply of willing buyers but the analysts seemed to forget the other iPhones which demand will have shifted to. iPhone is a portfolio not a single item (iPhone X) as the press would lead you to believe. My guess is an iPhone sales beat tomorrow and a YOY guidance increase for the next quarter. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the new 6.5 inch OLED iPhone priced the same as the current X with the 5.8 inch X replacement starting at $899 as Apple figures out how to maximize overall profitability of the iPhone portfolio.

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