Black lawmakers will visit Silicon Valley next week to talk to Apple about diversity

“A record number of black lawmakers will be visiting Silicon Valley next week to ask executives at Apple, Square, PayPal and others what they’re doing to improve employee diversity,” Shirin Ghaffary reports for Recode. “The delegation of lawmakers in the Congressional Black Caucus will specifically ask how companies can better recruit and retain black employees in tech, who make up less than 3 percent of employees at 21 of the top tech companies, according to an analysis last year from the Center for Investigative Reporting.”

“It’s not the first time members of the Congressional Black Caucus have made the visit, but it’s the largest delegation the group has sent so far. Led by Congressman G.K. Butterfield, D-N.C., and Congresswoman Barbara Lee, D-Calif., the delegation will visit tech campuses and meet with groups of black employees from various tech companies hosted at Airbnb’s offices,” Ghaffary reports. “The group is looking for an update on how tech companies are doing since the Congressional Black Caucus created the taskforce Tech2020 in 2015. That group was formed to increase black representation at all levels of tech employment, from board members to engineers.”

“Despite political pressure, the percentage of black employees hasn’t changed much for some major tech companies. Google’s workforce has remained 2 percent black since 2014. Facebook saw its proportion of black employees increase slightly from 2 percent to 3 percent last year. Apple and Uber have a relatively larger percentage of black employees at 9 percent and 8 percent respectively,” Ghaffary reports. “‘Since launching Tech2020, a few companies have moved the needle on African American hiring. But most companies remain in the same place they were in 2015. This is not okay,’ wrote Congressman Butterfield in an email to Recode.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s “Inclusion and Diversity” page is here.

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  1. For Apple to have diversity it would have to hire at least one conservative. That has never happened. It’s unlikely it ever will. I think top management is intolerant of people who are not followers of Karl Marx and Ru Paul.

    1. Yet Tim Cook has had many meetings with Trump…..And has praised him on many occasions. Including yesterday….
      Dogma is a poor choice… both sides have good to offer.. its a question of timing and cooperation . Imo

    2. Remember when Apple’s Black, Female, Diversity Chief made this amazingly rational statement…

      “There can be 12 white blue-eyed blonde men in a room and they are going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation.”

      She was summarily dismissed from the position, and made to apologize for it.

      1. the Black Congressional Caucus has more than a couple of members that refused to separate themselves from support of Louis Farrakhan…a man who really likes Jews, if calling them “pigs” is a sign of affection. Maybe while visiting Apple, they can ensure the Jews are employed to a satisfying quota level.
        I’ll guess the Jewish sector is represented well, but how completely rotten that a group with ANY that hold Mr. Farrakhan in high re: are to be sniffin around to ensure hiring “fairness” at Apple. Ms. Race-Baiter herself, Maxi Waters, likes Louis and she’s a CA rep. Maybe she’ll be giving orders on this topic…like, “fire some of these Asians, Tim. There’s way too many!” Of course, Tim will then reply with some of the excellent stats Davewrite cobbled together on grad rates from one of the top Universities, displaying the beaming merit of they oft discriminated Asian.

  2. Ok im ready to be put against a wall and executed for what im about to say..
    But trust me there is not an iota of prejudice or racism intended in any shape or form ………. as im a type minority and ‘legal’ immigrant.

    Its not about quotas of diversity and idealism .

    Its about MERITOCRACY …. in whatever Color or Gender it/they may come in .

    1. You either have the qualifications and the ability or you do not.

      Bottom Line:
      Do you want a Brain Surgeon hired on affirmative action operating on your kid, your spouse or you?

      Did not think so.

    2. I doubt that a true meritocracy has every existed, or will ever exist. For one thing, it is impossible to objectively and quantitatively measure many factors of the human psyche and human performance that contribute to a person’s merit for a particular position. A second, and probably more important factor, is most people do not want to be measured and ranked. They would prefer to believe that they are above average or even higher with no evidence to support that belief. Any data to the contrary would be unwelcome and rejected, in any case. I do not recall public approval for any wide-scale strategy for measuring performance in academia or the working world – standardized tests, the civil service exam, etc. They all have their detractors, and often for valid reasons.

      So you advocate for a meritocracy…that cannot truly exist. Consider the fact that a completely different system has prevailed for many people for a long, long time. Consider that their socioeconomic opportunities are below those of others – that a college education is not just an expectation from birth, that home ownership is just a dream, that every step up the ladder of progress may face intense opposition. Even the few that make it are subject to suspicion as a diversity/affirmative action token.

      A meritocracy is easy to promote when you are part of the group that owns all of the advantages and generally defines the rules by which people are measured. It is a nice system…if you are one of the groups in control of it.

      That is not to say that all inequality is due to historical circumstances. Some cultures promote the good of all over the individual and will help each other to succeed.

      1. Nicely written 👍
        With all due respect though ….

        “A meritocracy is easy to promote when you are part of the group that owns all of the advantages and generally defines the rules by which people are measured. It is a nice system…if you are one of the groups in control of it”

        That sounds more like autocracy and nepotism …
        In meritocracy .. only merits lead the way.. not individual idealisms.
        You are either good in math or you are not… there is zero subjectiveness to that if the job at hand requires stong math skills … Color, gender or social status have zero to do with it.
        And i hardly belive that those who are good in math had it handed out to them or come from affluent communities.
        They are good becouse they put the effort and they struggled…. Or are one of the lucky few who have the God given talent.. but those are the very few.
        Thats nature and thats how it is.
        It may not be idalistic.. but potential differance drives everything..
        A flat society is an idealism.. nothing in nature acts in that manner.
        Humans tried… they ended up with soviet style societies.. … have u had direct exposure to those kind if societies and its realities ?

        Buisnesse are there to perform. That’s their task…
        Charity organizations and social help programs are there to help. Thats their task.
        That is the differentiation.

        “Some cultures promote the good of all over the individual and will help each other to succeed”

        I hardly belive that medicracy serves for the good of all.
        All it does is promote mediocre behavior as acceptable….
        Good comes through effort and struggle and ambition.. not by handing out rewards for mediocracy Or handing out rewards for incompetency…..Whatever the subject matter may be.

        Cultures who want everyone to better themselves… have mechanisms to raise individuals performance.. not accept mediocre performance.
        And for those truly disadvantaged there are established institutions that have that responsibility.
        Those institutions should not be confused with buisnesses in a cut throat competition.

        Not everyone gets A’s……….or A’s are not distributed according to gender or color or affluence .. they are earned based on performance…. Strictly !
        Yet those who struggle can seek additional help independantly through availible programs if They Choose to.

        But there will always be ‘Difference ‘ its fundamental to everything.

        Everything has its place.
        Social empathy has its place.
        Business and compation its place.

        PS ..I love the NBA basketball example brought up here by a few…..

        All above IMO ofcourse

  3. Purple, Blue, Pink???? iSay GET EDUCATED. Apply YOURSELF!


    Does “MERIT BASED EMPLOYMENT” ring a bell?

    OH!! I’m Greenish Red and have a formal education that fits the position ….. BUT … BECAUSE OF THIS “Congressional Black Caucus” “THEY FEEL” you must provide employment to a less qualified “BLACK PERSON”.!!!!???? What a CROCK OF SHITE.

    THIS “Congressional Black Caucus” has created “THE ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY” of their “GROUP”.

    God Help US ALL.

  4. Politicians should look at how much their demographic group is interested in the field in the first place as EDUCATION stats show. How do companies hire if the graduates are not there?


    Caltech 2017-2018 Enrollment


    Total 961
    Men 532 55%
    Women 429 45%
    White 267 28%
    Asian 416 43%
    Underrepresented Minority * 149 16%
    International 82 8%
    Two or More Races ** 47 5%
    Unknown 0 0%


    Total 1277
    Men 891 70%
    Women 386 30%
    White 461 36%
    Asian 138 11%
    Underrepresented Minority * 68 5%
    International 577 45%
    Two or More Races ** 29 2%
    Unknown 4 1%


    Look that those stats how does a tech company hire a work force that would mirror general population stats when College stats don’t ? (Most top schools have similar stats)

    Talking education schools due to political pressure now have Diversity rules in place, for example to get into some schools some groups require significant lower SAT scores (like hundreds of points). Asians for example need 450 extra SAT points to get into Harvard vs African Americans. Note that Asians are also a minority but unfortunately with near ZERO political power…. Diversity advocates always say they are helping ‘minorities’ but in reality they are very selective in ‘which’ minority they want to help…

    (I don’t want to say anymore. I’ve cut and pasted these stats here at MDN form various colleges for years and every time I get into a flame war. Some people aren’t interested in facts but have various ‘beliefs’ and they like going at it regardless of facts even if you cut and paste).

    I should go relax, watch some NBA BASKETBALL and enjoy non Diversity at work, where only QUALIFICATIONS count. (BTW the NBA is a Billion dollar BUSINESS yet nobody fights for Diversity there, wonder why a posse of congressmen etc don’t go visit the NBA … )

    1. did the author of the original story note that both Google and Msft have ‘coloured’ (sorry for using the term but can’t think of more accurate in context) CEOs. How does ‘decriminatory’ tech firms hire such CHIEF EXECUTIVES?
      seriously these companies in a hyper competitive world just want to make money, that means getting what they consider talent.

      izero doubt that even if you are blue with pink spots but can make the Apple Watch THINNER but keep the power and battery, Jony ive would hire you TODAY….

      1. when I wrote about the Goog and Msft CEOs I didn’t think of the visa issue which is a different complication altogether.

        the Caltech stats differentiates American born Asians vs immigrants.

  5. Well, I guess Silicon Valley could start technical training in the prisons since that’s where a lot of them seem to end up instead of graduating from high school. Of course that’s the fault of the white people I’m sure.

  6. Why don’t the congressional black caucus visit high schools and complain about black students not doing schoolwork to get in college that will then get tech jobs???

  7. This is just WINING from Black Community. Why are they forcing companies to hire Black people??? Companies will hire talented people that suites their needs, they will not hire based on Skin Color. Just like Black people every other people regardless of community has got rights to be hired, provided they have the requisite skills. They are starting to promote the very thing they oppose so much. Segregation.

  8. I have a recommendation for those pushing diversity in the High Technology field:

    Before you bitch at the CEOs of companies in the Valley, first go to any University Engineering Department and take a look at who has voluntarily enrolled in that course of study. It is overwhelmingly male and is diverse- just not with many African-Americans. During my time in school most of the Black people majoring in Engineering were not Americans- they were from overseas and the numbers I have seen show that is likely still the case.

    The same is true for those Majoring in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc. In crease the numbers of those enrolled and see the numbers increase at High Tech Companies.

    If you do not get the degree you are not going to be able to do the work, so why would anyone hire you?

    I do not care if you are white, black, brown, male, female, straight, Bi, Trans, whatever: if you have the education, certification, experience, ability and temperament- come on in. If you have not prepared yourself to work in a particular field or are not able to get along the problem is personal and not societal.

    I work in a Licensed Medial Profession and the only people that are going to be considered are those who have completed the necessary Degree, passed the necessary certification boards, acquired the necessary license, maintained their competency via regular continuing education and have good references. If you lack any of that HR will never forward your CV or application to anyone in a position to hire you. That is not racist, sexist or whatever. It is discriminatory in favor of those who have prepared themselves for the job, just as it should be.

  9. I used to live in Butterfield’s district in NC, Halifax County. He’s all about what Congressional pork he can get for his district.

    As we all know, the underrepresented problem isn’t just African-Americans, it’s also women in tech, and engineers. And, the root of the problem is education. To solve the problem of underrepresentation, we need to educate more African-Americans, more women and more engineers.

    Lastly, Apple is supposedly at 9%, which is very close to the actual African-American population percentage of 12%.

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