Apple pulls plug on AirPort Wi-Fi router business

“Apple is ceasing production of its AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and AirPort Time Capsule Wi-Fi routers,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore. ” I had a chance to speak to Apple briefly about the decision, and here’s the statement I was given: ‘We’re discontinuing the Apple AirPort base station products. They will be available through, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers while supplies last.'”

“The AirPort Base Station line was last updated in 2013,” Ritchie writes. “Since then, we’ve seen the advent of mesh networking, which lets larger, more irregular, and more challenging areas enjoy better and more robust coverage. Rather than release AirPort Mesh, though, Apple chose to offer the Linksys Velop at its retail stores instead.”

Ritchie writes, “Over the next few weeks, Apple will also be posting knowledge-base articles to help customers transitioning away from AirPort products.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What did we just write yesterday? Oh, yeah:

Either update your product lines properly and routinely or pull the plug on them so that you won’t be distracted from creating politically-correct emoji, holding beer bashes for employees who are all obviously not getting their jobs done well or at all, and doling out an endless stream of undeserved RSUs to fat, lazy, uninspired VPs who think their office door handles are more important than delighting customers with up-to-date, feature-complete, state-of-the-art products that ship on time and in quantity.MacDailyNews, April 25, 2018


  1. Tim Cook only wants to sell phones and considers colors as innovation. Pathetic. He is destroying Apple. Watch Amazons market cap surpass Apples by next week. Tim and Eddy need to go.

    1. YEP, They discontinue more products than they develop. Cook truly is the worst mistake for the company. But don’t worry you now have a bright red iPhone ate he couldn’t even do that right with the iPhone X. But maybe that tells us something about Apple maybe they really aren’t selling enough iPhone X.

    2. And it is all by design. The world is deeply jealous of Apple and some of those jealous 3rd world countries have nuclear weapons. I can assure you the globalists are behind this. When they tried to kill Apple in the 90s and ship all tech jobs offshore, Diane Feinstein simply replied “Americans don’t understand complex issues”.

      In other words, white Americans building superior tech companies might make India or China angry enough to launch a nuclear attack.

      Globalists want uniform, grey, drab populations and products.

      Anything that excels or is beautiful is stamped out.

      And Cook is now on their side and is slowly dismantling Apple. Look for the “Apple needs a new CEO” line soon, at which point an Indian CEO will be installed. Same as Microsoft, Google, and Adobe.

      Toe the globalist line or else.

        1. Since you are the number one MDN poster constantly bad mouthing, insulting, denigrating, hating, the good citizens of the USA while calling ALL OF US “citizens of a terrorist nation” I offer the following questions:

          1) Name “terrorist nations” that cut off prisoner heads while they are still alive on video.

          2) Name “terrorist nations” that burn bodies in cages while they are still alive on video.

          3) Name “terrorist nations” that line up hooded Christian captives on a beach and execute them in cold blood.

          4) Name “terrorist nations” that stone women in public.

          5) Name “terrorist nations” that execute gay citizens.

          Let’s see if you run away and are intellectually incapable and scared of answering the questions …

    1. Or… his most deceptively brilliant decision. Someone as arrogant (earned, btw) as Jobs wouldn’t necessarily want the company to survive without him. So, crown an incompetent as his successor. Jobs will then FOREVER be known as the soul of Apple, because obviously they couldn’t survive without him. And the long slooooooow painful decent into mediocrity proves it.

      1. I am not into conspiracies but this one does have me thinking it is possible. After the ouster by Apple of Steve Jobs in the 1980s, I can see Steve doing something to keep him as the shining knight that saved Apple in everybody’s eyes.

        1. Globalists are behind it – just like they tried to destroy Silicon Valley in the 90s.

          There are a lot of poor jealous 3rd world countries possessing nuclear weapons in the world today.

          And that makes our govt extremely nervous.

          Their solution is to dismantle the US and turn it into a 3rd world country to stop 3rd world anger worldwide.

  2. Sadly I’ve started moving away from Apple. I hate it, I’ve been a fanboy since the early 80s. I just bought an HP Z2 Mini to replace my Mac Mini, when the new HP zBook Studio comes out next month it’s going to replace my MBP, probably a Z8 to replace my Mac Pro before long. I guess now I’ll start looking at Ubiquiti to replace my Airports. I didn’t leave them, they left me.

    1. You’ll be better off for it, really. A lot of people have an emotional connection that won’t allow them to see this as “a company doing business.” They see it as a personal attack on their being and, the way the brain works, they can’t see it any other way.

      Now that I think about it this way, many of the folks I helped move to other platforms were likely just trying to rid themselves of that unhealthy emotional connection. I had always thought it was just good business sense for them, but I’m thinking twice… at least about a good number of them.

    2. ” I didn’t leave them, they left me.” – Exactly!!!

      Apple wants iCloud subscriptions not a local backup.

      My Airport Extreme has been the most reliable Apple product I have ever owned.

      Apple routers had several advantages:

      – Easy to setup
      – By default had to be in wifi range to make changes.
      – Not accessible through a web browser used an app.
      – App required user to be nearby unlike browser based routers.
      – Had to be an admin in order to make changes with the app.
      – Easy to link together to get expanded coverage.

      Now I have one less reason to visit the local Apple store.

      1. “Now I have one less reason to visit the local Apple store”
        You hit the nail on the head.

        My new iMac won’t go two weeks without a freeze requiring a reboot, won’t recognize my iPhone8 when I plug it in, and won’t sync Bookmarks despite claiming it has.
        It just doesn’t work.
        After decades on a Mac (since Quadra 605), I’m researching a PC replacement as we speak.

        Apple did not disclose upgrading would kill my Logic Pro ($300)
        It just doesn’t work … unless I pay another $300, but all my 3rd party software works and they have less budget. Tired of being screwed, I switched to Motu because their software has worked through all my OS upgrades.

        The content controls to my iPhone8 are now split between that clusterfuck known as iTunes and iCloud. For me, Touch ID is spotty at best (I work with my hands) and can’t be used JUST for payment. If I turn it off for basic iPhone access, it erases my card info. WTF!
        Bluetooth keeps cutting out requiring reboots.
        They borked my first two iPhones with mandatory “iOS Upgrades”, but this new one just doesn’t work out of the box. Now they pester me with upgrade nagware that cannot be permanently dismissed.
        I won’t buy another iPhone out of mere spite.
        It just doesn’t work.

        They conspire to force me to send all my data to their new cloud, by removing local sync services that I have enjoyed locally for a decade. I don’t want to do that. I don’t trust Timmy, or anyone else who conspires to collect or filter what I do, see and hear.

        Now I’ll have to fight with configuring 3rd party routers too?

        it’s so stupid, I’m laughing.

        Timmy and his rudderless gang are going to be long-faced when the bottom drops out on Apple overnight.

        1. without “3rd world workers” working hard to produce the gadgets you buy and 6 months later throw away, the FIRST WORLD PEOPLE would’t be able to use all their high tech to complain about their FIRST WORLD “PROBLEMS”

        2. “I don’t trust Timmy, or anyone else who conspires to collect or filter what I do, see and hear.”

          Exactly. I don’t trust Apple anymore so than Gaagle or Fakebook regardless of what they and the fanboys say. I want to own and control my data 100% LOCALLY. I don’t need the damn cloud or any remote server to rely on.

          Last words from Braveheart: Freedom! …

  3. Idiots. The writing has been on the wall for quite a long time since Apple and Cisco announced their partnership. It would be very wierd ”partnership” if Apple would compete directly against Cisco. Apple has been waiting that Cisco is ready and now they pulled the plug. In exchange Cisco recommends Apples products and of course Apple recommends Ciscos products. Dont forget the IBM witch recommends also Apples products and vice versa.

  4. More useful discussion would be around options for replacement systems/backups etc etc – what mesh systems are best for replacing time capsules etc? Constructive suggestions welcomed more than b*tching about a decision you have no say in

      1. Total agreement. I’ve scoured through all the current routers and Synology wins. Their routers are all Time Machine friendly, a boon for Apple users.

        A potential downside is how they handle isolation of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. At this time, anyone not isolating IoT devices from the rest of their LAN is either ignorant of computer security or asking for trouble. From my reading, what you need to do with a Synology routers is go to:
        Network Center > Wireless > Wi-Fi > Advanced options-> AP isolation

        Turn AP Isolation ON. This should stop the typically security nightmare IoT device from infecting and messing up the rest of your network.

        Or, go get a Ubiquity Edge Router X.

    1. Thanks for nothing, you mean! They are so rich, so talented, so capable, yet they stumble like buffoons on a smooth sidewalk they might have owned, mumbling nonsense to explain away their idiocy. — If it isn’t idiocy, they are are offering zero information to the contrary. Mark my words, they will pay for their insufferable insouciance.

  5. Same mistake as they made with displays.

    U Want Displays go get LG.. wtf

    Then they realized what a F-up that was thanks to us screaming and yelling .. making them realize not only its a bad product decision, it is a horrible marketing decision …
    Then they reversed course and promised Apple displays.. when .. no clue.. ..

    Now Airport.. a product pretty much everyone loved. Gone.
    WTF for ?

    Whats the end game … iPhones and iPads and Emojis?..
    Oh ya and the igore battery case.. The magic mouse that has charge cable on its bottom surface.. useless when charging..
    The genius Apple pencil ..with its exquisite charging solution .. lol …. no where to attach it to its companion tablet .. not even a clip to secure in shirt pocket or a notepad etc..Just loose rolling around everywhere.

    Abandonment of the pros.. and powerusers and schools until recently…
    Then reversing course again..( lets hope its not way too late)

    Totally screwing up Siri while they had a huge head start!
    Damn they cant even get basic spell check right.

    Whats up with mac mini? 1 thing; Silence !!!

    Sometimes it feels as if Apple management is determined to destroy the brand.. deliberately.. with such obvious and massive mistakes .

    The bigger they get.. the less comprehensive their line up becomes..


    WTF APPLE!!!??????

    ( is Eddy Cue running Apple now, secretly?)


      Apple by their actions and advertisements is telling us to buy iPads and forget the Mac. They may state differently but their actions SHOUT otherwise.

      I for one use my Mac for many things that an iPad cannot do. So if Apple continues down this course, they will continue to walk away from me. I just recently purchased an Intel Nuc with windows 10 pro. Lovely machine, very impressed. Especially considering that I was able to stock it with 32gb ram, 1tb ssd, 4k monitor for just over $1,000.

      Come on Apple snap out of your delusion!

        1. You know,, because the enterprise world isn’t very big market Tim Cook has to go!

          I now read this article and it sounds like what I’ve been saying for five years now but just everyone else

          it’s probably time to sell the stock

          Let’s face it Tim Cook is a unicorn lover SJW globalist

          what could possibly be going on inside that stupid looking spaceship compound I already see it in my head being dismantled or turned into shelter for the homeless in Kalifornia.

        2. “Let’s face it Tim Cook is a unicorn lover SJW globalist”

          Not only that he is totally Cook Clueless to the CORE of Apple. He is too busy prioritizing Apple to sell rainbow watch bands and upgrading USELESS animated emojis to attract giddy kids.

          He needs to go, pronto! …

      1. It’s not delusion, it’s intent. They want folks like you to buy the non-mac products that fit their need so that you’re out of the ecosystem. For every one of you that find the product you need elsewhere, there’s 15 folks that buy iOS devices that suit them perfectly.

        Apple will continue to tweak iOS devices for those folks, and you’re happy with hardware YOU control, everyone wins!

        1. “For every one of you that find the product you need elsewhere, there’s 15 folks that buy iOS devices that suit them perfectly.”

          Blowing smoke again I read which is why you are almost always, Wrong Again …

  6. Bought a Sharp Roku TV and a Roku Express. Apple TV would cost almost as much as the TV alone did, so it was never on my radar. not enough compelling reasons to even consider it. The Roku devices and features are plenty for my needs.

    1. Sharp does Roku TVs? New to me.

      Be careful with Sharp. A lot of their older Aquos line was infamous for their horrifically bad motherboards. They’d go bad and ruin your picture. Hopefully, Sharp has sharpened up since their recent nosedive and purchase by Hon Hai Precision, who run Foxconn.

  7. It would seem as if our worst fears are slowly but surely being confirmed.

    It it’s not an iPhone or an iPad or an Apple Watch or something directly connected (physically) to them, the senior management at Apple could not care less.

    Yes, we are moving into a post PC world. But, not the wording on that. “[W]e are moving.” It’s not “We have moved.”

    There are people who want to run a mesh network. There are those of us who do not. We run wired Ethernet to each router and bridge. Thus we get maximum speed everywhere.

    It definitely seems as though Apple is slowly but definitively moving away from its fans and base that kept it alive during the dark days. We want functional, capable equipment — not more watch bands.

    As I’ve written here before, I know of people who would not use Apple equipment if you paid them to take it, BUT they use Airport equipment because it is so easy to manage and so stable. Apple is not only walking away from that group, they are walking away from the rest of us too.

    1. “Being confirmed”
      Consistently, for the last least 6-7 years at least. There are those optimists that will say, even now, “Just wait until next year!” For anyone that doesn’t get the memo NOW, I don’t know what could be said to convince them.

      1. I think/ maybe you are referring to me.. yojimbo007
        From yesterdays post..

        My comment was re Mac Pros.. and promised date of 2019.. so ya im still looking forward to what it will be like.. since i like the new Imac pros..
        So i have a bit of optimism..why not.. waited this long.. whats another few months..
        But trust me, if let down .. i am going back to PCs on a hearbeat! For my Desktop Application! CGI mainly.

        As for my frustration with Apple in general..
        Read my post under the ‘WTF’ heading above.. im sure u will agree that i dont feel much different from anyone else frustrated..
        but just being a bit more patient.
        But all patience can run out!
        Hope Apple is listening..
        And listening hard!

        1. No, not referring to you, there a lot of folks that are inferring that “Apple will be better tomorrow, you’ll see!”. Although it comes in phrases like “they’re making a mistake” or “they’re deluded” or “I hope they come to their senses.” ANYTHING other than “these are intentional moves by Apple to solidify their iOS base while reducing their exposure to mac OS” Because they don’t want to hear that.

          Just the fact that you like the iMac sets you apart from a lot of people here. YOU actually have the ability to be wildly excited about the Mac Pro. For everyone else… there’s no way that, if they don’t already like the iMac, that they should wait.

    2. I know at least twenty PC and Android users who absolutely love their Airport Extremes.

      A friend of mine just yesterday reminded me that his Airport Extreme is now almost ten years old. He loves it.

  8. Yup, it’s pretty much over, trickle something out here, trickle something out there, etc. One maybe two phones a year, on slight computer update, a few minor version updates on everything else, buggy software not fixed across the board, whoafully behind voice assistant, carplay that looks and works just as it did 4 yrs ago, and online production apps that lag even MS in functionality. Cloud computing? Ha ha, surely you jest?

    Who cares, they’re printing money with phones at the expense of burning innovative leads as capital. Plus, don’t forget 120k employees, stop complaining and pushing them to do more, can’t you see they’re firing on all cylinders and executing on all fronts?

    Macdailynews should stop covering anything and simply wait like the rest of us for the next press release announcing the new emojis and what not. Apple has become “old””, boring, and stale! Don’t look for to them for anything innovative, complete, on time, or beyond a beta.

    1. And that apparently is the problem at Apple. Their products are so reliable that they maxed out market. Ergo, no new base clients (supposedly). Completely short-sighted and stock-fan centric. My bad for steering others to the Mac environment recently. Now I feel embarrassed for having done so.

  9. PRODUCT RED (or blue or pink, or whatever the hell the colour might be), eh?
    What a gimmicky idea to keep the sales/price of phones in the disguise of charity! Apple always does this in the middle of product cycle to spur another buying spree.
    If Apple wish to donate money to AIDS etc, do that out of the fat wallets of inept executives, but not from us. Just a clever but wrong idea, Apple?

    1. If Apple gets out of the Computer Business I will buy or build another Windows Machine. It is time to Fire Tim Cook before he runs Apple into the ground IMO……..!

  10. In anticipation of this, last month I purchased two refurbished airport express and a refurbished AirPort Extreme 2TB for 50% of retail. I’m good for about 10 years.

      1. I used the Apple Store app > Accessories > certified refurbished. They don’t have them often but I just checked regularly and jumped on it when they showed up. Good luck! 🍀

  11. Apple’s productlineup is a mess. Too many products outdated and overpriced. Sad to see the ship sinking, customers abandon the ship and management clueless starrung at their spreadsheets out of touch with their customers.

  12. The velop mesh routers are top notch. I own every airport ever made. It was time to leave the WiFi routers to the companies who solely worked on networking equipment, not a bad decision…

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