How to record Apple TV on your Mac, wirelessly

“Today we’re going to learn how to record a movie that’s playing on your Apple TV direct to your Mac, with no wires required, no weird hacks, and not even any third-party software,” Charlie Sorrel writes for Cult of Mac.

“The tools are all built into every Mac that ships,” Sorrel writes. “To record a movie off the ‘screen’ of your Apple TV, you’re going to use Apple’s QuickTime app, and one of its lesser-known but super-powerful features.”

“QuickTime’s screen recorder can do more than just capture the Mac’s own screen. It can also record any connected device, wired or wireless,” Sorrel writes. “For instance, I used to use it to make screen-recordings of the iPhone and iPad, which I would then turn into GIFs for how-to posts. Now, in iOS 11, the iPhone and iPad can record their own screens, so you don’t need this trick. But it’s still super handy for recording the Apple TV.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: This works when you use NEW MOVIE RECORDING (not “New Screen Recording” as mistakenly written in Sorell’s article). It also won’t work for DRM’ed content, but for everything else (including YouTube) and you can use the same method, without recording, to simply stream the video from your Apple TV to your Mac.


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