Apple hires Samsung executive to lead South Korea business

“Apple Inc. hired a new leader for its business in South Korea, home to its biggest rival and a country where the iPhone maker has struggled with regulators,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg.

“Brandon Yoon, a veteran Microsoft Corp. executive and most recently a vice president at Samsung Electronics Co., joined this month as general manager of Apple Korea, according to his LinkedIn profile,” Gurman reports.

“According to data from Strategy Analytics, Apple had 18 percent of the Korean smartphone market last year, behind Samsung’s 56 percent,” Gurman reports. “Earlier this year, Apple opened its first retail store in the country.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yoon comes from two of Apple’s most notorious, slavish copiers. Lots of bad habits to unlearn.


  1. This is the worst news about Apple i have heard. This would NOT happen under Steve Jobs, very disrespectful. Apple dont need to chase South Korean market share. Samsung will make good money selling high prices OLED screens from Apple

  2. Well there goes the neighbourhood. /s

    But seriously, if he’s the best man for the job then good luck to him. Being ex Samsung he’ll know all the tips & tricks plus have the contacts to get ahead in that country, hopefully.

    1. What is up with most people? You take one fact (e.g., the guy worked for MS) and conclude that he is worthless. This mentality is one of the major reasons that our political system is screwed up royally. People are biased to the extreme and refuse to admit that any idea originating from anywhere else might be worthy of consideration.

      NDW has my respect. The rest of you are on your way to earning my disdain.

      1. Well how can you have a balanced perspective about the world of work and business when your only source is the schadenfreude-fuelled MDN editorial “Anyone doing business in the EU is insane”?
        Which…translated… implies that xenophobia, hubris, exceptionalism and political might are what counts for all true ‘muricans’. That the US is not the universe’s pivot point, is, well, just not part of their vocabulary.

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