August Smart Lock lets you unlock your home with Apple Watch

“If you’re forever losing your keys, why bother using them at all?” Killian Bell writes for Cult of Mac. “Now you can unlock your doors using your Apple Watch, thanks to the August Smart Lock.”

“It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to get into your home, and you don’t even need your iPhone,” Bell writes. “August’s new Apple Watch apps lets you sync all your locks with your Watch, then control them quickly and easily from your wrist. You’ll see all your locks on screen and operate them with just a tap, and thanks to the August complication, you can control frequently used locks even faster.”

“August’s Apple Watch app doesn’t require a connection to your iPhone, either,” Bell writes. “That means you can hit the gym or go for a run without having to carry your iPhone (or your keys)…”

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MacDailyNews Take: A no-brainer for runners!

(The day we took our first run without having to tote along our iPhones – back in September 2016 with Apple Watch Series 2 with GPS on board – was simply glorious. Now, no more fishing out hidden keys or typing codes into garage door openers when we return home!)

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  1. So the big question is this- is it internet dependent or can it function apart from an online connection?
    The Achilles Heel of the Internet of Things is the dependence upon a web connection and the potential vulnerability of remote servers.

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