Democratic U.S. House candidate’s Apple Watch just backfired on her

“Hiral Tipirneni dresses in scrubs, wraps a stethoscope around her neck, and looks seriously at medical charts in her latest campaign ad,” Philip Wegmann reports for The Washington Examiner. “It looks less like political messaging and more like something out of ‘ER,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ or any number of the glamorized medical soaps that dominate prime time.”

Wegmann reports, “But there is a glaring flaw in Tipirneni’s ensemble: She is wearing an Apple Watch.”

“That game-changing technological timepiece was unveiled in 2015, and that’s bad news for the Democrat running for a vacant House seat in Arizona’s special congressional election. Tipirneni hasn’t seen a single patient since 2007,” Wegmann reports. “As local ABC15 reports, Tipirneni settled a malpractice lawsuit months before hanging up her stethoscope. She was sued in 2001 by a Phoenix woman who claimed that Tipirneni failed to give her a tetanus shot while treating a leg wound. According to that woman’s lawyer, she contracted tetanus, slipped into a coma, and later suffered kidney failure as a result.”

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“Republicans questioned Tipirneni’s authenticity for dressing in doctor’s garb for her campaign videos even though she has been out of practice since 2007,” Griffin Connolly reports for Roll Call. “‘It’s disingenuous,’ said Jack Pandol, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee. ‘Hiral wants voters to believe she’s something other than who she really is: a former physician sued for malpractice who turned to a cushy job making millions hawking Obamacare instead.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: More free publicity for Apple Watch!

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    1. Right, be sure to check the nationality of your ER doc when you need emergency care. That’s clearly the most important thing for your welfare. Sheesh….

      MDN, why the sudden change? Up to now, you have gone out of your way to ascribe high IQ points to anyone who wraps an Apple gadget around their wrist. Well, once a partisan hack, always a partisan hack. How quickly you have forgotten the obvious Ben Carson “genius brain surgeon” ads that their favorite political party ran. Carson’s judgement, never that great to begin with, includes hawking faux medical supplements.

      Pot, meet kettle.

    2. Yo, racist, you know that Steve Jobs Biological father was Syrian, Or does your two brain synapses not fire correctly? You are on a site, commenting about Apple products, which was founded by a genius whose father was Middle Eastern. But I think that logic escapes you, and what appears, the MDN staff.

    1. How many people’s lives have you saved, doctor? As an ER physician, Tiperneni’s public record stands for itself.

      The republican party has spent years claiming the cost of medical care has increased due to frivolous lawsuits like the one Tipimeni was victim of. How pathetic now you pull out the baseless partisan attacks.

      Tipirneni is exactly the kind of science-first, pragmatic person to reform healthcare in this nation. She isn’t hyper partisan. Isn’t it obvious that the idiots in congress now haven’t got the education to handle complex issues?

    2. It should also be noted that this non story was “reported’ by the Washington Examiner- a right wing Beltway publication owned by Philip Anschutz who is just to the right of Attila The Hun.

      For many years the rag was distributed for free before switching to a weekly rag with a grand total of 45,000 subscribers.

      A polite term for this would be a hit piece.
      “hit piece (plural hit pieces) (idiomatic) a published article or post aiming to sway public opinion by presenting false or biased information in a way that appears objective and truthful.”

      Here is her website’s ad on Healthcare . It doesn’t look too radical unless your name is Sean Hannity who I hear needs a good lawyer these days.

      1. So does that mean the story is false?
        And does it mean the Post is non-partisan…???

        Also, her “free-market” approach flies in the face of everything Obamacare and more to the Conservative viewpoint, not to mention the fact that part of the reason an employer offers insurance is because they can negotiate lower premiums through groups.

        Her stance that there are too many regulations needing to be reduced and then allowing pre-existing conditions along with no caps insures rates will stay high.

        Her plan to allow Medicaid recipients to shop the market sounds good, but why not veterans also?

        Two things I believe should be included are tort reform and interstate sales. These would drive down the cost of coverage AND the cost of treatment even more than universal care.

        1. We have “tort reform” in Texas. It is nearly impossible to successfully sue a doctor for malpractice. That has not brought down the cost of medical care, compared to the costs in other states. All it has done is empower bad doctors to keep killing people.

          1. Yeah, that’s what doctors do, they kill people.
            No other revue boards, AMA, District Attorneys….they are free to roam about the country and kill.

            And tort reform has had the positive effect of bringing more doctors to Texas, many from places like New York where they pay more than double the cost for insurance.

            There is a place you should visit one day, it’s called “the real world”…..

          2. Yes, that’s what bad doctors do: they kill people. What do you think they do?

            If Texas were being flooded with out-of-state docs, the added supply for the given demand would be reducing prices. It isn’t.

            With few exceptions, DAs won’t touch a malpractice case. They would have to prove—beyond a reasonable doubt—that a patient death was caused deliberately or by gross negligence, with the doctor, his hospital, and all his expert witnesses claiming that it was just an accident or at most ordinary negligence. I was a prosecutor for 30 years and I haven’t heard of a single conviction unless the doctor harmed the patent deliberately or recklessly.

            The medical profession (whether through the State Board of Medicine or the professional associations) is not very good at policing itself. Generally speaking, a license can only be suspended after a hearing with clear and convincing evidence that the doctor’s performance as a whole falls substantially below acceptable professional norms. The people in the best position to testify are the doctor’s professional colleagues and coworkers, and they usually won’t.

            Even if either of those routes worked to control bad doctors, they would do nothing to provide compensation to those who are harmed through medical negligence. That basically requires a lawsuit, which “tort reform” is making very nearly impossible.

        2. Well said. Obamacare, just like ALL Democrat politics, chooses winners and losers. Not because it is the best quality care for EVERYONE regardless of party affiliation, because it gets them votes and they could not care less who it really hurts as long as they politically benefit. Despicable Dems …

          1. Hey snot goeb. Just got my dupuytren’s contracture fixed. Left hand in a splint. Cost me 150 dollars for the specialist. 3 office visits. Must be that ACA. Oh yeah, a blue state too. And get this. My health insurance is free.

            1. Exactly right and glad you pointed that out for the rest of us. Because unfortunately, Banned Citizen X while he is running around fake voting, insulting others and screaming his favorite word “trumpanzee” — does not have the brainpower to UNDERSTAND …

            2. I have a real job idiot. My health insurance is free to me and it is an excellent plan. Sorry your life is so pathetic. By the way, idiot, you have never paid anything for me.

            3. Poor snot goeb. Jealous and still pathetic. Jobs, Gates, Osborne and a lot of computer pioneers prove you wrong. More brain power than you and more accomplished.

              Nice try though. Someday you still won’t matter.


            4. Oh. Obamacare doctors visit. 50 dollar copay for the specialist. I only have to wear the splint at night.

              Health insurance still free.

          2. Re GoeB
            There is no such thing in the United States as “Democrat” politics. In the United States it is the Democratic Party and they have Democratic policies- not Democrat.
            Likewise Paul Ryan does not advance “Republic” politics- he advances Republican policies.

        3. Re- Tower Tone
          Employer provided health insurance is not necessarily any cheaper than what an open market could offer. Few Americans have significant choice in insurance except in the most populous states. In most states one incumbent dominates insurance and claims processing.

          Requiring that employers offer you a voucher would make it possible for individuals to optionally spend extra out of pocket to buy better coverage- something I would gladly take. This would not cost the employer a red cent more, but would give employees more choice and create more of a competitive market.

          Interstate sales will not save money, it will just create a rush to the lowest common denominator.

          “Tort reform” is a long time Republican trope directed at the Trial Lawyers of America who are major donors to the Democratic Party- thus a Republican enemy. What is usually prescribed as reform is a liability cap which prevents damage awards. If some practitioner due to incompetence or negligence hurts your child and you are limited to $250k, exactly how are you going to be able to recover enough money to fund their care for the rest of their life?

          1. Dav, I just spent 20 years with a company that covered 50% fo my medical insurance until ObamaCare. They still covered 50% but the cost was too high (more than doubled), so I shopped around and every price I got was almost triple what my company offered. Luckily my employer was finally able to get a VERY basic plan (what we used to call Major Medical) that dropped prices back to what they were BEFORE ObamaCare, except I no longer had a $7 prescription card (so I had to pay for all my prescriptions) and no co-pay for dr visits. Actually they didn’t pay a cent until I spent $5000 out of pocket.

            I know many MANY other people affected just as bad if not worse than I from those who made 5 times as much to people who made one-fifth what I did. NONE of them were better off after “reform” and every clinic I went to hated all the extra paperwork and limits put on them, BAR NONE.

            We can disagree on many issues, but ObamaCare completely fucked up our health system because it wasn’t DESIGNED to make it better but rather to give the government more power while looking like they cared.

            As far as tort reform, my first two kids were born in a small town hospital in East Texas and I paid for each while a day laborer on a farm, one in 1981 and 1982.

            BY 1986 the hospital had stopped delivering babies because of insurance (my mother in law was a nurse there so this was a known fact). It wasn’t because of doctors killing babies or the mother’s bleeding out, just the fact that lawsuits agains OBGYNs had skyrocketed and put smaller practices out of business.

            My last child was born in a regional hospital in Texarkana and the price was almost 5 times the first two kids, so I don’t give two shits which side profits and which side loses in tort reform, it needed to be done in Texas and has had a largely positive effect despite what my fellow Texan on here claims.

            1. Have to slightly disagree. ObamaCare, it is what it is. It was the Democratic Party headed by Obama and Pelosi who not only fucked up healthcare but fucked over the average American. If they didn’t get fucked at the start the left overs are getting fucked today! I for one saw my premiums triple from the very start. One employer’s policy even had the gall to demand a deductible of $8,000!

            2. I do not dispute that the ACA (Obamacare) was not the best option, but what fails to get mentioned by critics is that the previous system was completely broken and was on an unsustainable trajectory. America pays more money per person than any country on the planet and manages to do it poorly and not cover everyone.

              The scam being run by insurance is that they make more money by saying no than yes and a massive overhead has developed both at insurers and within provider organizations to comply with the blizzard of paperwork and rules, which eats up massive amounts of money that could be better spent on keeping people healthy and treating the sick and injured.

              It is not uncommon for many providers of care to spend as much or more time dealing with billing and pre-approval issues than caring for patients. This makes the entire system inefficient from top to bottom and the byzantine accounting hides massive fraud up and down the chain.

              What this Congressional Candidate proposes is quite interesting as it would give employees the option of taking the now take it or leave it group plan or a voucher of equal value to spend buying private insurance. Many would jump at the chance and I would for sure. I work for a large integrated health system, but live out of their service area and the insurance fairly well sucks like a Dyson because they have moved to a tightly managed HMO- as in straightjacket type HMO.

        1. You know not of which you write. Attilla was a warlord, might is right. Exactly what Trump wishes he could be.

          Republicans have openly bragged about single party control of DC. They now show their incompetence. The republican party has flip flopped on everything they used to promote — now the party of xenophobia, trade restrictions, isolationism, market manipulation, district gerrymandering, erasing environmental rules that enhanced health, and complete fiscal incompetence . The democrats stand for, in no particular order, equal rights for minorities, immigration reform, corporate profits, and feminism. At least they are consistent.

          1. Might is right is a saying, not a form of government.

            Separation of powers has nothing to do with which party controls Congress and which controls the Executive, it is the balance of power between them and the court system, which is supposed to be based on law, not interpretation for political gain as the Left(overs) manipulate them.

            You’re list of differences reads like a high-school level understanding of politics as taught by CNN University, which is the lowest standard there is and obviously have no clue what each party’s platform states.

            Grow up before you try to fix the world.

      2. You are being hypocritical. You are posting that there is a far right bias here. Yet post after post I called you out several times when you posted DENIALS that a liberal media even EXISTS.

        Unfortunately, you are in no position to accurately define the media …

          1. Sorry I couldn’t reply to your idiot remark above so I’ll do it here.

            There is only three ways to get free health insurance I know of and that is to be a lower class wage earner or over 63 (Medicare and Medicaid) or a vet (VA), all government systems.

            You state you have a job, have free insurance and that I am an idiot.

            OK, let this idiot set you straight; your insurance is paid for with money budgeted for your position, in other words, it ain’t free, they are paying for it with money they don’t give you.

            What a child you are.

            1. I guess you have difficulty with concepts like free…to me. Even dimwits understand that free parking is paid for by someone in some way.

              Then, down below you mention a 400 dollar voucher as a way for many to get free insurance. Free. Free.

              I still have free insurance through my job. I’m not your cultist that can’t understand difficult concepts.

              When I sold computers we never gave away things free. We would discount it full price but to the customer it was free.


      1. Right on. We need more honest politicians that portray themselves exactly how they are present day working in the medical field and never sued for malpractice is high on my list. Money well spent …

    3. As. lifelong conservative Republican (I’m 71) I find your comment totally without any socially redeeming value.

      As to Tipirneni’s past, I say who cares? The only question about her candidacy should be: can she do a better job representing her district than the other guy?

      Nobody campaigns on their leadership and vision anymore. It’s all about finding more dirt on your opponent than they find on you. We all lose when our representatives are selected on that criteria.

      1. The sad thing is no matter how well she talks and walks once she goes to Washington Pelosi will pull the marionette strings and then you can forget everything Tipirneni promised.

        When I lived in Arkansas we lost a really great Democratic Senator, Blanche Lincoln, because she was forced to vote for ObamaCare even though her constituency told her not to.
        She was replaced with a Republican just like the rest of the officials in Arkansas were in the decade form 2007-2017 when I lived there.

        Many will say Republicans do the same, but I seem to remember a lot if frustration caused by Tea Party members and now many of the new members who care more about the people who elected them than the party.

        Of course maybe if Republicans had someone like the Clintons running it then the fear of death might keep them better in line…. 😉

  1. Spent 5 minutes checking this and it is a nothing burger.

    She is an M.D. and currently works as a Healthcare Administrator- valid employment for a Doctor. She is also a Graduate of the University of Michigan Emergency Medicine Residency Program- which is a very highly ranked and respected program.

    She is working in an area where her Medical Degree, training and experience is required and an advantage, so saying that she is a former Doctor is just political op research disinformation. Once a Doctor, always a Doctor unless your Degree is revoked.

    The bottom line is that she is running ahead as a Democrat in Blood Red Arizona during an election cycle that could very well flip control of at least the House and quite possibly the Senate. In any close race, the Republicans will come at her with anything they can find- accurate or not.

    As to having been sued, most Doctors who have been in practice for any length of time have been sued. I can file a lawsuit against my Family Physician on complete Bullshit and yet the fact that he has been sued is true. It is also true that many times cases are settled out of court even if thought to be crap simply because it is cheaper to settle than to pay the legal costs of a trial- so payment of a settlement means nothing by itself. What would be important would be if she had been successfully sued and found guilty of negligence or incompetence.

    A little background- the most common type of lawsuit these days is “failure to diagnose”. A patient could come to you for a condition that you properly treat and diagnose, but miss some other developing condition not implied by your verbal interaction with the doctor, for example. It does not mean that you are a bad or negligent Physician.

    Most advertising for campaigns these days is driven by consultants and she was obviously advised to dress in Scrubs- which everyone from cleaning staff to Brain Surgeons wear- as a visual cue to those watching the ad. Same for the stethoscope- I have one and I am not a Doctor, but need one from time to time in my work.

    Like I said, a nothing burger.

    1. In reply to above (no button available)

      “the previous system was completely broken and was on an unsustainable trajectory”

      You don’t fix a system by replacing it with a system that is worse. That’s like changing the motor when you just need to change the oil.

      If they were serious about fixing the issue they would have worked on the old, they didn’t and instead put in place a system which has failed to add that many new people to the insured poole, numbers be damned (they use the number of people enrolled and ignore the number of people who immediately drop it or quit paying).

      It would have been cheaper under the old system to give every uninsured low wage person a $400 a month voucher for free insurance choice and they knew this. It would have bridged the gap to cover those too poor for instance but earned too much for free insurance.

      But no, they started this lie that most bankruptcies are caused by medical bills. The bullshit that the media passed on to make ACA happen is only topped but their putting an unknown in the White House simply based on race.

      1. I am not a member of either party but would remind you that Republicans were invited to participate in the markup (writing) of the ACA and only Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins participated.
        The Bill was based upon a proposal from the Conservative Heritage Foundation and that was used for the pattern to try to get Republican support.
        We could have gotten a much better bill had the Republicans not stonewalled reform.

        1. I’m not a member of either party either but will remind you not one Republican voted for the bill, insisted it be a standalone and pushed through exactly how the Democrats wanted it.

          The entire process would’ve been like telling the one side “we are going to defund the military so how do you want to do it?”

          Bottom line, the Right didn’t want it in any form.
          It is NOT better than the old system and anyone paying attention knew it then.

          Had the Left been serious about affordable health care, they could’ve reformed the old system. As I’ve said for years, that wasn’t their goal.

          1. Liar. Pure, unadulterated lie.

            There were over a hundred and 50 republican amendments included. Over a year of public forums, meetings, committee meetings and more that republicans participated in. In effect republicans created the ACA. And get this. Then, none of them voted for it because they are disgusting scum.

            Liar. Ignorant, stupid liar.

            1. wow. You remind me of another former computer salesidiot I mean man on here.

              Amazing similarities including lack of vision, reading (in)comprehension and low IQ.

              I never said they didn’t participate but I DO assume you have a reading issue when looking at all printed words
              (which explains your disposition).

              So are you pissed at me or DavGreg when he said this-
              “Republicans were invited to participate in the markup (writing) of the ACA and only Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins participated.”…..?

              As I said, they didn’t vote for it and it has proven to be why they were swept into office at all levels except the Presidency every election cycle after that. I guess middle class Americans are also disgusting scum for putting them there.

            2. “wow. You remind me of another former computer salesidiot I mean man on here.”

              Your instincts are correct, TT. Allow me to fill in the blanks. You are responding to the MDN village idiot and lurking petulant plague “Citizen X.” He was banned after a two hour back and forth tirade with Bottman last Fall. Remember close to a hundred MDN e-mails that night and Monday morning the comments section was scrubbed clean and never saw a post from him again.

              Later he changed his avatar to “Banned in San Diego” and because he never learns went back to the same insulting potty mouth tirades and was banned again.

              “Banned on the run” is simply the latest plague avatar of Citizen X.

              For those who remain skeptical, I offer the following proof and please refer to the top of the comments section.

              Second comment: Mike on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 5:58 pm

              “Liked by 1 person,” click on it and see Citizen X with an outline of a boy wearing a cowboy hat.

              Ninth comment: Mike on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 6:05 pm

              “Liked by 1 person,” click on it and see Citizen X with an outline of a boy wearing a cowboy hat.

              Next comment (10): DavGreg on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 6:32 pm

              “Liked by 1 person,” click on it and see Citizen X with an outline of a boy wearing a cowboy hat.

              And more after that and also other threads for months now. Your honor, I rest my case.

              If you believe you can have an honest and open exchange with this idiot, good luck and in Star Trek terms: “to go where no man has gone before” …

        2. “I am not a member of either party”

          Why oh why do you keep posting this over and over for years?

          TowerTone is “not a member of either party.”

          GoeB is “not a member of either party.”

          DavGreg is “not a member of either party.”

          What in God’s name is your point?

          My suggestion: Argue the facts and forget the damn parties … 🇺🇸

          1. Right now one party is full on cray cray and the other is just slightly less imbalanced. I would like to see both go the way of the Federalists, Whigs, Know-Nothings and others.
            To think that a continent spanning, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, secular society can distill effective political discourse down to 2 rigid viewpoints is kind of naive.
            The party that rules the United States is the Money Party.

            1. Both parties are in a state of flux and the definitions of who they represent are changing. I do agree with you the money party typically rules. Exception: Hillary for president …

  2. I don’t get why it’s considered a ‘backfire’. Was she trying to show a ‘years past’ situation where the Apple Watch did not yet exist? Is this important somehow to the Apple owning public in her district?

      1. What, no banned potty mouth today? No turd talk? No butt buddy accusations? You mad bro? I see as USUAL you are quickly scurrying around in your room of 50 computers quickly up voting the left comments and down voting the right. Knock yourself out, it means NOTHING when it is FAKE. But you DON’T KNOW THAT, pity …

          1. I may be irrelevant by your PERVERSE potty mouth standards. But unlike you, I am NOT banned Citizen X for misbehaving and having nothing intelligent to say. Stalking and badgering conservatives while at the same time up voting liberal posts MEANS NOTHING, and even worse, proves you have learned NOTHING pathetic one … 👊🏻

            1. People get banned because they are idiots and have nothing intelligent to say. That would be YOU and good to read you have not learned a thing and CONTINUE to PROJECT your personal problems onto others. Personal responsibility is not in your playbook. The only thing you are good at is an insulting mouth TRYING to get under eveyone’s skin you disagree with. And you are forever STUPID not knowing your own problem and trying to justify your bad behavior. All criminals are irrational this way and you have the experience and rap sheet to prove it. Crawl back under your rock potty mouth …

  3. Hilarious that any Republican can be concerned about a “disingenuous” candidate. Really funny. Perhaps she will have the largest inauguration crowd ever?

    1. You all (regardless of political affiliation) usually point the finger at one for supporting a disingenuous candidate, whilst circle jerking each other over your own disingenuous candidate. Is there something wrong with you people?

      Ultimately we should all be working together to make the system unfriendly to any disingenuous candidate from any party or any side of the political spectrum.

      Note: I use the term “you people” in its non-racist form.

    1. It is a chittering monkey show, to be sure, full of teeth and insults and flying dung. But that’s how primates are. We humans like to crow about our superior faculty of rational thinking, but most of us only use it to justify our grubby impulses. If we are superior in anything, it is in the practice of deception. We are expert illusionists and stage magicians, actors, spies, and impostors. We are transcendent liars, so skilful that we believe what we say, ourselves, even as we make it up. What is truth? Politicians spit on it. That is never the point. The point is achieving power by any means.

  4. Seems fine to me. All types of ads, including political ones, often pose their shots. She was an ER doc, so she’s posing as having been an ER doc. That’s fine.

    Now if she were saying she is a geologist, like Ryan Zinke, after having never worked as a geologist, then that would be a problem.

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