Apple Store staffers to mark Earth Day with green shirts starting this week

“Apple Store employees will celebrate Earth Day by again wearing green shirts instead of traditional navy blue for the next few weeks,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors.

“Apple has already provided many of its retail employees with the new uniform, which they will begin wearing as early as Friday, April 13 in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries, according to a reliable source,” Rossignol reports. “The new shirts will likely be worn at least through Earth Day on Sunday, April 22.”

“Apple also celebrates Earth Day by adding a green leaf accent to the Apple logos at its retail stores around the world, and by offering an Earth Day activity challenge on Apple Watch,” Rossignol reports. “And, in recent years, Apple has shared a series of Earth Day videos, Apple Music playlists, and featured App Store apps.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hey, look, Tim Cook’s Apple can still ship some things to stores on time!

Apple issues Earth Day fitness challenge to Apple Watch users – April 22, 2017


        1. Thanks for displaying such inciteful intelligence, remarkable in one so invested in the real world.
          We can all rest easy, knowing that you care so deeply about Apple’s public relations image. Because of course, you know far more than the marketing department about the demographic interests of Apple consumers. Having done all the relevant market research natch.

  1. a focus that’s filling the technology gaps that Apple doesn’t realize are becoming normal. Maybe it’s time to use all that Apple’s learned with renewables and make that sector primary and financially viable? Technology is already covered by Samsung, Amazon, Google and some Chinese companies.

  2. I’m all for protecting the environment.
    (although I think overpopulation, 2 billion or seven more USAs of people in less than 50 years, is the real issue not addressed by leaders)

    Still I’ll suggest a BLACK ARM BAND DAY for the :

    Mac Pro
    the Mini
    the MB Air (btw why does the Air which is supposed to be the lightest Macbook have MORE PORTS than the Macbook ?)
    the missing features in the otherwise great sounding HomePod
    Homekit (great start fiddling away)
    the Education market
    the new habit of shipping incomplete products (the original iPad Pro didn’t have the key pencil etc)


    but probably they’ll go back to wearing KUMBAYAH PARTY SHIRTS (led by Eddy Cue and Jony Ive ) as they continue to celebrate the ‘milled from special maple’ furniture, one and half year to design door handles, etc Campus.

    1. I want to write a bit more on overpopulation as most MDN readers (whether I agree with them on certain issues or not) are in the upper strata of being well informed and thus are ‘influence advocates’ i.e able to speak out in various forums.

      Most studies show the population growing about 2 billion in less than 50 years, and by 2100 to 11+ b from the current 7+ b. that’s like a major city the size of Vancouver every couple of weeks or so.
      This is not sustainable.

      I’ve been to third world countries whether they are cutting rainforest down (as far as I could see driving for hours). One leader wanted to increase his small countries population from 30m to 70m.

      why aren’t politicians doing anything? BECAUSE population growth INCREASES THE TAX BASE. That’s why most western countries have high immigration — it really isn’t to ‘help’ refugees etc — but to increase the tax base to support an aging population. It takes several workers to support one retired person especially government pensioners as life expectancy has increased.

      Politicians love Carbon tax etc because in many countries like Canada because it increases the tax collection (while claiming ‘holding income tax’) while they don’t like population reduction as it REDUCES the tax base, they won’t address the REAL apocalypse that is overpopulation growth. Even if you believe in Carbon reduction, it won’t make any difference if the population grows equal to THOUSANDS OF MORE CITIES and the forests etc are gone (note forests eat carbon). . 70% or more of the forests are gone in areas like Haiti, Madagascar etc including many of the unique species there

      1. A scientific study referenced in an article I read two days ago determined that humans are an invasive species. But epidemics, wars, and rising seas may reduce the population.

    1. Yet again, a denier misquotes an study that does not support his position. Actual quotes from the article:

      “While rising carbon dioxide concentrations in the air can be beneficial for plants, it is also the chief culprit of climate change. The gas, which traps heat in Earth’s atmosphere, has been increasing since the industrial age due to the burning of oil, gas, coal and wood for energy and is continuing to reach concentrations not seen in at least 500,000 years.”

      [Note: that is happening despite the increased fixing of CO2 due to the increased greening.]

      “The impacts of climate change include global warming, rising sea levels, melting glaciers and sea ice as well as more severe weather events.

      “The beneficial impacts of carbon dioxide on plants may also be limited, said co-author Dr. Philippe Ciais, associate director of the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences, Gif-suv-Yvette, France. ‘Studies have shown that plants acclimatize, or adjust, to rising carbon dioxide concentration and the fertilization effect diminishes over time.'”

      1. The Climate Change fraud has two purposes:
        • Imposition of an unrepresented “carbon” tax to help finance global governance.
        • The continued erosion of American economic might.

        that is all.

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